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¬†We are a bunch of newly weds who are here to share with you our journey towards and after the wedding. Our motto is to make your life easier. Share your love stories, life stories¬†and anything you would¬†like to share. Your story may be an inspiration to¬†others¬†and may help¬†them in some way or other :). In the end theknotstory is about stories, weddings¬†and family & love¬†ūüôā Relationships are the reason why we exist and we value them¬†the most.
A little about the Founders :
Thehappybride aka Laks :

¬†¬†Recently married happy-go-lucky bride! MBA professional and self chosen housewife ( a sabbatical to cherish the present life) and a full-time know it all wedding blogger at theknotstory. She ¬†knows everything from cooking to decor to managing your finances and the legal. And she loves theknotstory. There is enough reason to say that she the best at ¬†what she does ūüôā .

TheNautanki aka the Joker:


¬†He does the info-graphs and the funny at theknotstory. He’s a guest blogger and does the most amazing job of helping us when we are stuck in any manner while running ¬†theknotstory! ¬†Namely apt he’s full on nautanki¬†and the gadget freak. Anything technical shared on the blogs is his work hands down! (we swear he really wanted to put the joker’s pic from the dark ¬†knight!)

November 11, 2012

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