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Wedding Jewelry – All that Glitters is Gold!!!

Wedding Jewelry - All that Glitters is Gold!!!
Wedding Jewelry – All that Glitters is Gold!!!

Indian weddings, now mostly addressed as Big Fat Indian weddings, the term derived from the glamour & glitz seen in Indian weddings. Once you enter a wedding venue, the first thing which comes in front of you is the decor, and then comes the wedding dresses and then the glitter. In any wedding the most expensive part of course is the wedding jewelry.
Traditionally, Gold and silver is widely used in India as the wedding jewelry.  Now a day’s diamond and platinum have conquered the bride’s heart as well as the jewelry market. Our modern North Indian brides prefer to wear jewels with latest designer work and expensive stones which match their bridal dress. As a person who got chance to attend south and north Indian weddings, I have noticed that as you go towards south, gold is vastly used in wedding jewelry. The North Indian bride prefers designer diamond wedding ring and mangalsutras. While a South Indian bride still chooses their traditional Thali (mangalsutra) categorized upon their respective caste. They may purchase a set of diamond jewelry of latest fashion to be a part of the wedding jewelry, but the amount of gold they wear during the wedding will remain large as it depicts the status symbol of the family in the society.
The gold wedding jewelry purchased is considered as an asset, but during the wedding this purchase needs a lot of planning. Both Bride and Groom have to Shell out money for this purchase including what parents intend to gift you. Bride’s family has to do the major purchase though. Indian jewelry is always known for its unique and artistic design and that’s the reason why it’s famous worldwide. Earlier we used to wear jewelry from head to toe, as time passed by the traditional style of wearing all these jewels has become rare and now jewelry is used mostly during the weddings.
    Believe it or not! The bride in south India wears up to 3 kg gold during the wedding :O :O . However this gold is considered as an asset gifted by her parents to make her future safe and secured.
Below are few traditional gold jewels worn by our bride as a part of their wedding jewelry:
The Bengali brides wears theirs traditional jewelry like nath, paati haar, taaira, tikli, choker, kaan baala, chur etc. whereas the Tamil and Telugu brides wear Oddiyanam, maanamaalai, vanki, jhiki, mattals etc. The Malayali brides wear a lot of gold jewelry during the wedding. Some of them are kaasumaala, maangamaala, poothali, nagapadathali, Jhimki, thoda and lot more. In the other parts of India gold jewels are comparatively less used during weddings. The gold is used along with diamond, platinum and other expensive stones.
Theknotstory tip: Always purchase gold from an authorized jeweler and also check for BIS 916 Hallmark which is the symbol of purity. Some jewelers give an option where you can pay a certain amount and book jewels for that day’s price and later purchase it paying full amount. So be on a look out for the low price days and book you gold  for the wedding jewelry!
Happy jewelry Shopping 😀

57 thoughts on “Wedding Jewelry – All that Glitters is Gold!!!

  1. Being brought up in Kerala I have seen brides wearing humungous amount of Gold…Being a Bong I preffered wearing only gold jewellery in my wedding . YEs, Gold is not only considered auspicious but also marks the status of the family in the socitey.. Most of the jewellery for my wedding were either from Tanishq or PC Chandra Jewellery from Kolkata. I burst into tears when my Dad gave me the long and chunky “seeta” haar. I also wore my Mom’s wedding choker. Sorry for the long comment but couldnt control my emotions. 🙂

    1. LOL! i can relate to your emotions as me too wore loads of gold jewelry during my wedding 😛 and I get excited when gold is the topic of discussion 😀

  2. Laks, U know, in my family also we prefer more of gold jewellery on our wedding day its definetely considerd very auspicious and sacred!! And as Bonny said, even we have been trusting on Tanishq or P.C Chandra for ages now!!
    Although I must tell you I am so delighted by the artistry on gold jewellery’s from south, they have so minute work!!

    1. great to know that pragya. gold is a great ivestment too. most of my my wedding jewelry were from kalyan jewelrs

      1. I my first stud after getting my ears pierced (i was 4-5years old I guess)was from Kalyan. It was big brand even then, specially in Thrissur. Eniki ellam ormu inde… 🙂

          1. pinne!!! nyaan appo vijarichu nyaan uru malayali chakkan kuda kalyanam chiyam (wen i was 5)..destiny had planned something else. Fell for a UP boy wen iwas 21 🙂

  3. wedding jewellery are so special to Indian brides. It is indeed very precious asset for women in our country. Great post 🙂

  4. U know i have started collecting money for my wedding jewellery from now only since it is so expensive!!

  5. I didn’t realize how much jewelry they wear, that’s so expensive, my hubby would be at bankrupt from the first day 😉 🙂 xo

    1. hehehe yeah ! we wear a lot of jewelry during wedding and these are given by parents 😛

  6. I love gold jewellery and I always wear a small gold chain mangalsutra as married girls are not supposed to be bare neck. But I prefer keeping heavy gold jewellery only for special occasions!!
    nice post Laks..! I love the traditional temple jewellery worn by south Indian brides.

    1. same pinch Ira, me too wear a small gold mangalsuta, our’s mangalsuta don’t have black beads like those in other parts of India. and yes! I take out heavy ones from locker only for cousins weddings 😉

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