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Their silent love story!

There are many movies with the story of a handsome boy falling in love with a mute & deaf girl and in the end they decide to live together. All of us might have enjoyed the movie, praised the excellent script and declared that the hero’s role should be taken as example in real life. In reality none of us mean what we said.

For them love is just love
Their silent love story!

Check my bro’sΒ silent love story:
We were totally shocked when he told us that he is gonna marry a deaf and mute girl. Whenever he said he wants to marry a handicapped, we never cared to bother about it as we thought eventually he will leave that idea. I am talking about my bother. He was just like any other teenager who loved Bollywood movies, updated himself about latest fashion and obsessed with his six packs more than anything else πŸ˜› . He is a bit more religious at his age with no bad habits (drinking & smoking), he loved visiting temples other than going to gym.
Whenever a marriage alliances talk happen at home, he always mentioned that he would love to marry a handicapped girl. As usual there were lot of advises showered on him from well wishers, but he was adamant. We all were so against it when he told about this girl. But he insisted us to meet her. He told us not to make any decision now just go and see her then will discuss about it. So halfheartedly we all went to meet her. (Note it was a pure arranged marriage,the proposal came through his friend)
The girl’s family was in serious dilemma. They were wondering why a good-looking boy ( he resembles a lot like Akshay kumar πŸ˜€ ) with not so bad job (owns and runs a fitness centre) and without any deformities from a good family back ground would want to marry their disabled daughter. Its a moment of disbelief as well as time for reality check if this is actually happening. The confusion faded away soon after my brother spoke to them openly that he wanted to give life to such a girl who have been thinking that they don’t deserve a normal life. And they were flattered.. πŸ˜€
We ( me, mom and dad) went thinking about all possible objections we need to say after β€˜meet the girl’ function. But everything went upside down soon after seeing her. In the first look itself she just bowled all of us. Even though we couldn’t talk openly we exchanged few words, she was well versed in lip reading as she did her schooling from a special school. She tried to say few words like her name, how are you?. Its wasn’t clear but we really appreciated the effort she took. Her parents said that eventually we will able to understand it. I think our bonding with her started from that moment itself. We all felt proud of my brother.
For them love is just love
Some of our relatives and acquaintance had a great time mocking our family. But we were least bothered about them because we were busy with the wedding preparations πŸ˜€ . It’s been 5 years since they got hitched. Yes initially we had difficulties in communicating, but eventually it went well. The reply to the question every desperate person asked us after they got married-
“Yes their 4 year old son is too talkative and is the perfect & cutest kid I have ever seen. πŸ˜€ ”
Many times we are forced not to go after the choices we make in life by our parents, our relatives or the society. If you do something other than the ordinary, people will be always behind you trying to prove that your decision was wrong. The reason why I shared this story is because marrying a differently abled / handicapped person doesn’t mean that your life is screwed, it can lead to one of the best family lives also. They are more loving than the fully fit smart and cunning stylish intellectuals. For their one weakness, god have gifted them many strengths which none of us have or can possess any time.

28 thoughts on “Their silent love story!

  1. I’m so glad you shared this story with us, your brother is truly amazing, and I wish there were more people like him! xo

  2. Jini…thanks for sharing. this was touching, bold,encouraging..all at the same time..Not only your brother, you and your immidiate family needs to be praised for your excellent deeds and open mindedness. Clothes dont show whether we are modern. Its the thoughts that make us modern and forward.

  3. Oh so touching and inspiring!
    I so love this feeling of unconditional love
    God bless the couple with many more happiness
    Thanks for sharing sweetheart

  4. Wow I am speechless!!! Lot of respect to your brother and ur family, esp. ur parents who gave him such good values.. πŸ™‚ Going against family for ur love – prob everyone has done it, but following what u believe in, however different n bizarre it seems, is incredible.. πŸ™‚ World needs more of such stories πŸ˜€

  5. It is so imp to marry a person who understands u! For me a husband with a good character, loving and caring is imp than a handsome young rich man who hardly gets time to talk to me! We need more people like your brother! and not just the brother the whole family acepted the girl is something really amazing!!!! Cheers to the family, cheers to life!!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh..Such a nice story, very heart touching..Really hats off to your brother πŸ™‚ god bless πŸ™‚

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