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Guide to plan the wedding wisely!

The Wedding is the most memorable Day in our life. It is said that the word Life gets a meaning after wedding (can be good or bad meaning πŸ˜› ) . Wedding involves lots of preparations also. Unlike other occasions, weddings are more sensitive towards an auspicious moment (Muhurth) for tying the knot and significant time of the day for each and everyΒ  ritualΒ  as per Astrologer’s calculations. These are applicable to traditional Indian weddings. Now-a-days families have become liberal towards certain things though.
Below are some important things which need to be taken care of for setting up a Wedding.

Guide to plan the wedding wisely!
Guide to plan the wedding wisely!

Phase 1 – 4 months (if more divide it wisely) before wedding.
1) Horoscope match: Traditional arranged marriages start with horoscope matching which needs to be done with the help of an expert astrologer. As per the horoscope match, the family normally decides whether to go ahead with the marriage or not, anyways this is not a compulsory thing now a days.
2) Ring Exchange or an Engagement
3) Date and time for the auspicious moment to be decided with the help of an astrologer.
4) Pre-wedding Plan
a. Marriage Functions – Sangeet or Mehndi, Cocktail, Marriage, Reception etc
b. Marriage Invitations – Budgeting, Design,Content
c. Β Guest List for all the functions.
d. Venues to be decided. (for the respective functions)
e. Food, transportation and other things to be decided.
f. Budgeting for Ornaments and couture for the bride and groom.
Guide to plan the wedding wisely!
Guide to plan the wedding wisely!

Phase 2 – 3 months before Wedding
1) Wedding Card Finalizing and printing.
2) Venues for the respective functions to be booked.
3) Food, transportation and other necessary arrangements to be made.
4) Shopping – Hunt for the right dress – Bride and Groom.Β  Designing/Stitching to be taken care at this point.
5) Checking out for the Ornaments for the bride
Phase 3 – 2 Months before wedding
1) Sending out the invites for the wedding.
2) Book the necessary ornaments. (Safer than keeping at home)
3) Bride and grooms houses maintenance if any, to be done by now.
4) Creation of a Wedding website, Wedding registry.
Phase 4- 1 month before wedding
1) Wedding website should be ready and e-invites should be sent out.
2) Honeymoon plan to be finalized and bookings to be done.
3) Bride and groom – shopping to be complete.
4) Shopping for the family members to be done.
5) Hospitality arrangements for hosts to be done.
6) Bookings to be done with Beautician.
Guide to plan the wedding wisely!
Guide to plan the wedding wisely!

Phase 5- Days before Wedding
1) Check each and every list and make sure everything in phase 1 is taken care of.
2) Check and make sure that adequate arrangements have been done for staying of guests.
3) Purchase theΒ  items needed for rituals and puja’s.
4) Cross check and verify the transport arranged for wedding.
5) Cross check and verify Caterer and Venues.
6) Cross check and verify ever other bookings done.
Final Preparations: 3 days before Finale
1) Decorating Bride/groom’s house.
2) Arrangement for decorating the vehicle to be used by Bride and groom.
3) Assigning duties to necessary people regarding transportation and hospitality.
4) Giving responsibilities to necessary people regarding food and venue.
5) Ironing the necessary clothes.
6) Pre-Wedding grooming to be done.
The Day – The royal Indian Wedding:
Relax, look fresh, bright and happy as you are about to begin your knotstory. Cherish the moment and make it memorable throughout the life.

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