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Girls get ready, FIFA worldcup 2014 is here – How to adapt with Football Mania

Fifa 2014, Football world cup is around the corner. This is the biggest sports extravaganza for football lovers across the world. People welcome this event by buying jersey’s, t-shirts and other accessories of their favorite team. All football lover watch this event even if their country’s team is not selected.
This year FIFA world cup is in Brazil. Yes, the country which gave greatest footballers like Pele and the country with people who dance to the samba tunes even while playing football. So why FIFA world cup is being written here, don’t get confused. This post is going to help you for the next 30 days starting from 12th June. πŸ˜€
Remote Control Invasion:
The match timings vary, like some matches are at 12:30 IST , some at 1:00am IST , some at 3:30am IST and some at 6:00 am IST .This means that starting 12th June, your son / husband / boyfriend / brother / father will be busy at night watching television πŸ˜€ Try and plan an alternative for watching the Daily Soap or Reality shows or any other programs πŸ˜€ So planning an alternative ain’t much difficult, watch them online.Girls Β get ready Fifa world cup 2014 is here, either you will be irritated by the Remote control invasion happening during this period or you’ll enjoy watching the World cup. πŸ˜›

FIFA worldcup 2014
FIFA worldcup 2014

Hip Hip Hurray!! (in Surround Sound)
I prefer watching matches in my home theatre system so that I get that feeling of sitting in the crowd (with the echoing cheering noise). I believe most of us would prefer watching the match this way. Since most of the matches are at wee hours, it is gonna be a bit difficult for people who are sleeping, but again it is just a matter of some days ( precisely 31 days πŸ˜› ) let them enjoy. Ensure that television is not in your bedroom unless every one at home is willing to sacrifice their sleep and enjoy the game πŸ˜€
Fan Warm up : Now every football fan does some warming up before watching the matches. No, i didn’t mean the exercising part, but the shopping part πŸ˜€ You need to purchase tshirt, jerseys and more accessories of the team you support. This is what a loyal die hard fan does ( I have already ordered mine πŸ˜€ ). Most of us do this for the fact that you can wear the T-shirts in future also. More over, the world cup comes in once in a while, why not purchase the team’s jersey you like most πŸ˜€
The Beer Ball: It’s summer and it is hot like a frying pan. Even when at night you can’t find cool breeze outside. The best way to keep yourselves cool while watching a match is to grab a beer and watch the match. It keeps you chill and under control. Because of this single reason, most of us prefer to stock beer πŸ˜€
FIFA worldcup 2014
FIFA worldcup 2014

So, from june 12th almost every Β guy in this world will be watching Fifa world cup 2014. Other than the above things, there may be some more stuff which I missed it out. If you know any you can add on in the comments.
And, which is your favorite team & who is your favorite player? Do let us know…
Disclaimer: The above post is toΒ spread awareness and peace among families of people who are going toΒ watch Fifa 2014 πŸ˜›

31 thoughts on “Girls get ready, FIFA worldcup 2014 is here – How to adapt with Football Mania

  1. Haha, great post hun! The match timings are such that the daily routine of soap shows wouldn’t be disturbed hopefully :p

  2. I’m not all a fan of football. So there’s nothing for me to get ready about. However, my other half is a football freak. Over here the games are at 3am and 5am. Best of luck to him while I will be sound asleep.

    1. same here, my other half is a football freak, and this post is by him πŸ˜€

  3. yes.. first IPL and now FIFA cup.. making sure our guys are glued to the TV.. I just sit with him with my lappy.. not much of a follower of football..Yet ;)..

  4. I love your write ups.. I’m not really a football fighting for the remote in my house..I will just let my husband enjoy.. πŸ˜‰

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