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What I gifted her when we first met – Wedding diaries

Like most Indians, I too followed the traditional and old custom of arranged marriage. My parents had met a girl and her family. They liked the girl and both parents (mine & her) were happy about looking forward to the next step. The next step being Boy meeting girl and if they like each other then both parents will meet again to finalize the engagement & wedding dates, venue etc. The first meet was supposed to happen and I wanted to make it a bit special. What I gifted her when we first met is a unforgettable story for me 😀
I live in Delhi while she worked in Bangalore. If I have to meet her, I have to fly down to Bangalore since train journey takes too much time and flight tickets were not much costly. We both started talking on phone and found out that we are good for each other. My friend (more like an elder brother)told me to go and meet her and not to delay it. Hence I thought I’ll do this and booked air tickets to Bangalore.
It was a friday and I got an evening flight to board. I left for the airport, reached there on time (since I was early) amidst the bumper to bumper traffic. After Security check-in it flashed I haven’t bought her any gift (first step of trouble even before we met 😛 ). I am in trouble, the first meeting and how can I go empty handed. I started checking out the shops inside airport. There were lots of options and everything looked good to me. The only thing which I didn’t like was I was clueless as to what to gift her. My options were an electronic store, another Swarovski store, a ornament store and some sweet shops and restaurants upstairs.
What i gifted her when we first met
What i gifted her when we first met
Now my problem is simple, I do not know what to buy, I do not know the kurti size or t-shirt size as I haven’t met her yet, but I wanted to gift her something which she is gonna love. I went upstairs ordered chicken wings from KFC & a beer. While sitting there I saw a Fab India store out there (from where did this store come and how come me missed it?) and thought i need to check that store too .. I was still clueless and checked almost everything in there. I kept on doing that and the store manager came to me and asked if I need any help. I told him that I am in a dilemma as to what to gift.
He then told me to check out Scarves; I asked ” Scarf? As a gift? :O
Shop keeper : Sir, Gifting a Scarf means many things like you care for her, how much you are concerned about her style and scarf is a protection from dust, harsh weather, from people who stares at you (Not everyone, but some do this)  etc.
 So I went ahead and selected  a Pink (her favorite color) scarf 😀 When I gave her that, it was a pleasant surprise for her and till date she uses it. I am happy that she loved the gift and I scored some marks in the first meet 😀 Yaay!
Hope you have read our post on Scarves here.

27 thoughts on “What I gifted her when we first met – Wedding diaries

  1. Aww thats nice! and this reminds me that i didnt get anything when first met my husband! Oh no….rushing towards him nowwwww…keep ioving such ideas to crack his head! lol….
    Nice post 🙂

  2. Nice. Sounds like the perfect gift for the perfect women. I am so glad she still cherishes it today. That shows how much you both value each other. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story.

  3. Was very interesting to read indeed! I worked at an Indian restaurant and heard a lot of similar stories. I think it was nice go you to buy the gift.

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