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Wassup!!! – Over Dosage of Social Media apps is injurious to Family life

Social Media is so powerful that it can create opportunities and a new world order; on the flip side, it can destroy everything. Relationships, friendships, business, marketing and more are done through social media. By the entrance of smart phones and applications, social media became a unavoidable part in our life. We no more say Hey, how are you doing, instead we say Howdy?, Wassup!!! etc . If used in abundance these things can happen our relationships. Over Dosage of Social Media apps is injurious to family life. πŸ™‚

Over Dosage of Social Media apps
Over Dosage of Social Media apps

Today’s world, people find it difficult to go out meet friends & have some fun. The definition of friends had changed with a new meaning altogether. Earlier friends were those people with whom we used to spend time in real life. Now with social media apps, people make friends in the Cyber-world & spend time there.Β The first thing I (many of you) does after waking up is unlock the phone to read updates or post or both in my social media apps. I find this good in a way that, it reduced the communication gap between people. Now instead of calling and telling people to meet at some place, a facebook update, four square checkin or Whatsapp message is enough. Also, it keeps us in touch with people irrespective of how far you are physically.
Over Dosage of Social Media
Over Dosage of Social Media

People get to see weddings and other things live even when they are far away, thanks to instagram & vine. Like I said earlier, every powerful thing comes with a flip side and we should know that in order to use it in the right way. I have seen many husband wife chatting at home sitting next to each other instead of talking face to face. The children who watches this may take this as a lesson which can be Β big problem later.

  • Too many Social Media app can slower your phone as well as your normal life.
  • When you are at home, you should spend time with your family rather than focusing on the news, updates and whatsapp chats.
  • At work, it is better to mute the phone/social media app else, you will be disturbed by the non-stop alerts and updates.
  • Use the right dosage of Social media in life, spend life in real world.
  • Usage of phone while driving is not good, especially using social media while driving is a stupid risk.
  • Instead of having 1000+ virtual friends in Social Media, it is good to have some good friends in real world.
  • Social media apps if not used properly, this can be a disease which can spread throughout your family.
  • If you see danger run for your life instead of posting it on social media along with a selfie. πŸ˜›
  • Too many selfies and selfie posts will not make you look cool in real life.

Over Dosage of Social Media
Over Dosage of Social Media

Like many other things, social media & apps are also a boon to us if used smartly. Its we who should decide whether life needs to be “YOLO” or Happy πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Wassup!!! – Over Dosage of Social Media apps is injurious to Family life

  1. I never take selfies. Ever. I’d feel embarrassed. Because that’s how most people’s selfies make me feel: embarrassed for them that they feel the need to share irrelevant things on social media all the freakin’ time. That said, I can’t live without my iphone. Wherever I go the phone goes, and when I don’t have access to it I really kinda freak out. I definitely agree that phones and social media (apps) can seriously impact your social life and family life.

    1. yes the do impact our social and family life but we cant live without them πŸ˜›

  2. this is definitely soemthing to look upon….i hate watsapp btw..and too much fb too..prefer spending time with humans!!1

    1. me too prefer spending time with humans, but i love watapp n fb too πŸ˜›

  3. True depends on us we want to treat it as bane or boon! It definitely slows my phone and m finding ways to come out of the situation…have stopped b on it though! πŸ™‚

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