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The Cheesecake Project -A Passion turned into profession

In life at times we need to make difficult choices, choices like choosing a job which is only to earn or a passion which can be a career and a way to earn. She chose the road less traveled, chased her dreams & passion. She was not wrong, today she is enjoying what she does, she is living her dream. There are many successful entrepreneurs, but the reason behind their success is a story nice to hear about. This story is about a cheesecake lover and a passionate photographer who loves clicking the moments, capturing those emotions and convert them into a beautiful picture that will remain in our mind forever. Let me introduce Stuti the person behind The Cheesecake project. Read on and you know the rest 🙂 .

The Cheesecake Project
The Cheesecake Project

“I grew up in the 90s in your regular middle class household with extremely encouraging and supportive parents. I used to write a lot back in school and junior college. By first year BMM, I began wanting to create visuals complementing the writings. It would be safe for me to say that the filmy/video bug bit me too 😛 . I wanted to make moving images but eventually ended up getting my first point and shoot camera. I literally carried it in my pocket wherever I went – college, groceries, trips to the relatives. I started creating an environment and set up in my room to get more and better images each time I shot.1234376_377045919103511_574576598_n IMG_8832-001
The Cheesecake Project officially began in July 2012 when a friend asked me to photograph his sister’s wedding. Real emotions, real happiness And lots of love. And I love Cheesecake. Who doesn’t?! Cheesecake stood for love. Hence, the name. 🙂IMG_8022
I love doing portraits of people and tell me, do two people look more beautiful and happy than they do when they’re in love? That sparkle in their eyes, that dreamy look they have, the happiness radiating from their faces. It is true, people glow in love. I love photographing that. Those precious intimate moments shared together. I want them to remember that for the rest of their lives. And yes of course, mothers getting teary eyed, fathers looking on proudly, cousins and siblings teasing the couple, grandmothers and grandfathers showering their blessings. Feels so good to be photographing so much love.
I am my own boss – that is the best and worst thing about doing this. I do end up working all the time but I quite love having it this way. You need to do absolutely everything from charging your gear, doing your research about wedding rituals as well as technology, practicing shots, being extremely alert at shoot to be able to capture emotions and moments that the client must be able to relive. Here, dedication and effort is not an option or a choice. It is the way of life. It cannot be any other way. People are trusting you with the most important days of their lives as well as their hard earned money for memories they can cherish forever. It is all about being responsible, aware and respecting the job you have in hand – to give them more than 100%, more than what they are expecting, and each time, giving them more than what you have to offer.”
We got some beautiful clicks by The Cheesecake Project. 🙂 We loved them and this describes the passion, skill and dedication of a person 🙂 Our Best wishes to Stuti & The cheesecake project while you folks can enjoy the clicks and contact her for some memorable shoots 🙂
While this post happened, The Cheesecake Project was busy doing what they does best 🙂
The Cheesecake Project
The Cheesecake Project

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66 thoughts on “The Cheesecake Project -A Passion turned into profession

  1. Wow amazing pictures 🙂 Love your blog .I can see all girls in these pics brimming with excitement 🙂 Perfectly shot :)Keep doing this good work 🙂

  2. ohhhhhh myyyy godddd..that first bride picture…that lehenga….will definitely definitely consider her for my wedding 😀

  3. The best output of human efforts are when passions are turned into proffessions. And Cheesecake seems to be yet another example proving it. Each shot made go awestuck. Best wishes and bookmarked their work.

  4. aww… these pics are just breathtaking… I wish I knew you at the time of my wedding…. My wedding photographer was really bad…. That’s why I rarely see my wedding album, makes me sad, bad photography, no closeups,
    But may be next, wen I come to india, I’d love to do something like ‘trash the dress’ 😛

    1. awwww…. Richa you are do an anniversary shoot or contact Stuti during your next vacation 😉

  5. Awesome clicks. Lovely fotography and the name also is so interesting. The CHeescake project 🙂
    Check out crush-on-beauty(dot)com

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