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How smart & safe do we surf web?

Internet, Call it a blessing or a curse it is the single reason why this post will be viewed by all of you. Now on we’ll also be sharing our thoughts about safe internet usage, how to monitor kids internet usage and plenty more. As we said, our aim is to make your life easier. For that, it is always good to stop things happening instead of finding a solution after things go haywire and in a situation where we are not able to revert it. Surfing web for  reason or no reason is the new activity we do and for this we have all type of gadgets. Having said that, How smart & safe do we surf web?

How smart & safe do we surf web?
How smart & safe do we surf web?

Today’s world, people of all age groups spend time online playing Candy crush, watching shows online, Social Networking and zillion other things. When you add a virtual network of friends to the above menu, then it means a Bean Bag+ laptop + Internet Connection can make you happy and that too when you can order anything and everything online and pay online. This world is creating people (including me 😛 ) who are going to be too much dependent on internet & not prepared for a situation where none of these things work. Internet invasion some say, privacy invasion some other say and some people call it the Cyber Era.
How smart & safe do we surf web?
How smart & safe do we surf web?

If a war triggers between two nations, it could be initiated online by hacking into the other country’s network, bringing down the network or by sending wrong instructions through the network or even by sending a threatening message to people in the other country using Social Media. The last one , the social media one..this can happen easily and I am sure that atleast half of the social media user’s from that nation will take that message seriously. Such actions (intentional or unintentionally) can create chaos and panic situation all over. Any wrong information passed through the internet when conveyed to too many people will spread like wildfire because of the intensity of the message and people trying to figure out the truth using internet and not trying to do it offline or using common sense. We need to ensure the kind of content used while surfing web elsee a simple prank can cost you your life.
Another example for gauging the power of internet is The viral videos which are spreading through internet; A senseless song which is sung in a weird way by some smart people spread faster than a virus and became super hit and create a new trend worldwide. The same way plenty of useless stuff becomes a trending topic due to senseless sharing.
I am not writing this to prove a point, but I am writing this to remind myself as well as others and ask some questions to all:
How smart & safe do we surf web?
How smart & safe do we surf web?

  • How many of you click on URL’s blindly or Share things blindly on Social networking sites because someone from your friend-list did so?
  • How many of you still believe in “Free IPAD/IPHONE Give AWAYS”?
  • How many of you still respond to the mail to become “KIN of a Dead King” and get his Wealth?
  • How many of you still believe that watching Porn on Daily Motion and Sharing it on social media sites is cool ?
  • How many of you are still clicking to see the Video where some girl caught on Cam by her DAD?
  • How many of you still share that ugly & disturbing photoshopped images?

Think about these 🙂 Are we surfing the web in the right way?

62 thoughts on “How smart & safe do we surf web?

  1. Such an important post…I dont know for me even ads have created an issue…Just last week i places some ads from a publisher nd they seem to be not legitimate..i ended up removing them..u never know what you’re dealing with on the web.

  2. seriously why do people believe in those “you have won this much in coca cola prize program”mails?? do not share any links or videos or photos on fb..just my blog work…:)

  3. So true and seeing so many stupid posts in FB I can say that people are still clicking on those videos about a girl caught in action etc 😉

  4. Internet is a boon or a curse is a debateable topic bt we cannot stay without it is a fact ! Very very impressive article dear <3

  5. OMGOD!!! SO ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT ALL THE SINGLE PEOPLE LIVING IN MY AREA DO NOT WANT TO MEET ME? I always thought they did maybe because of all the ipads and iphones I would be winning…WAIT..IS THAT A LIE TOO?!?!? 🙁

  6. You have a point, but I’m actually really careful about those thing, my big bro thought some things!!! xoxo

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