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That Hump in The Middle Of Your Bed

Those who have got a hump in the middle of your bed might have got an idea what this blog is about. πŸ˜‰ It’s the gap that exists between married couple, particularly physical one. Some years back most families were like joint family, even if only in-laws were staying with us it is still considered as joint family. Being in a joint family you hardly get your personal time with your spouse. So its only during the night they have some privacy and have their own special moments. Now a days things have changed, in most cases the couple work far from their hometown and they stay away from home. Mostly it is like husband and wife staying alone without in-laws or any other family members. We have our spouse with us all the time and we don’t need to wait to spend some quality time with them. Its just like when we have a lot we don’t value it.

That Hump in The Middle Of Your Bed
That Hump in The Middle Of Your Bed

Another major reason nowadays is the work-life balance. It is so bad that spouses are having busy work life and hence no time at home. Once they reach home they will be totally tired of office pressure, target, meetings etc… Either they bring office work at home or watch late night TV for relaxation. Some people are ready to spend money on Doctor or infertility specialist rather than taking effort at home.
That Hump in The Middle Of Your Bed
That Hump in The Middle Of Your Bed

These are the small signs that eventually lead to big problems later, the signs that say its time for you to take care of it. We can do little changes and try to make the situation better, Like the below ones:

  • Arrange your bed room once in a while, Changing the room decor is even better
  • No complaints or problems should be taken over to bed
  • Appreciate or compliment him/her on anything they did on that day
  • Try to go to bed together.
  • Leave your mobile far away from the bed, and don’t forget to change it into silent mode except for emergency calls (No Whats app please!)
  • It’s not that every time your husband need to initiate the sugar talks sometimes even u too can. πŸ˜‰
  • Let the Ac be at its 23 degree , who would want to sleep in a hot room? πŸ˜›
  • And finally please try to take a quick shower; it not only rejuvenates your body but also your mind.

So never ignore the hump on your bed, because a small hump can create a wall in your life.

65 thoughts on “That Hump in The Middle Of Your Bed

  1. I’ve been married for just two years now and I already know how work can affect the relationship! πŸ˜‰ xo

  2. Lovely post ……. And the title is also very cool… Hump in the Middle of your bed πŸ™‚

  3. very true for couples these days, esp the working ones…after marriage.. couples just dnt try to find out time and do things differently ..

  4. We go through our sets of hump(s). I can understand when he’s tired and vice versa. But in between, the are good moments. So I’ve gathered that marriage life isn’t perfect but a balance of everything to be soul mates.

  5. It’s great you guys don’t shy away from addressing these issues. They certainly can make or brake (Intentional) a marriage.

    1. yes, and i believe we should make changes rather than letting go off the situation.

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