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Guests or ghosts, What's your experience?

Some people bring happiness wherever they go, while some others bring happiness whenever they go, we are talking about guests here.India is a country where we care too much about guests; Atithi devo bhava (guest is god) or Atithi good bye πŸ˜› Β this totally depends on the atithi (atithi – guest in hindi). Guests or ghosts, What’s your experience?
Β It is wonderful to have a nice chat with our guest over a cup of coffee about anything under the sun. It can be relaxing and soothing if we like the guest or else it can turn out to be a nightmare. Yes!! Not all guests are pleasantly welcome because some gives us nightmare even before they reach. We always have the liberty to convey our concern to friends but mostly it’s the relatives or acquaintance whom we can’t comment on. Worst is that we can’t even say anything to them . 😐

Guests or ghosts, What's your experience?
Guests or ghosts, What’s your experience?

I wish I could convey them these:

  • Wow, how nice of you to wear chappal (sandal) inside my home and bring dirt from all over the town to spoil my carpet.
  • This is not a hotel and I am not your maid to make tea, coffee, tang, boost, Complan, etc depending on your choice. (diabetic patients excused)
  • Standing in the kitchen door and asking the evergreen question β€œdo u need any help?” even after seeing me juggling with cups, plates and groceries.. phewww!!!!
  • Please don’t bother about us and keep on eating, we will have a glass of water for dinner. (seriously are you starving or is it a war over food??)
  • Let me just note down when you are giving suggestion on how to arrange MY HOUSE, and ya am going to renovate it tomorrow itself as per your needs..Grrrr..
  • Just like you, am also so excited to see your kids playing with my costly glassware.ohh!.. You are such a good parent.
  • Kids are kids, they will be asking β€œcan I take this home” on seeing anything curious. Its lovely watching you grinning over it rather than refrain them.
  • Being at another home doesn’t mean that you can be careless about your children, just have an eye on them, because cosmetics are really precious to me.
  • Checking my watch in between means I have other reservations, and am just being polite about it.
  • Oh! was that a joke, one second let me just grin.

If we are out of conversation, I think it is time to say goodbye.
Disclaimer : All characters mentioned above are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real person, living or dead is purely coincidental. πŸ˜›

52 thoughts on “Guests or ghosts, What's your experience?

  1. Oh so true.. its quite tricky to handle guests in India.. that “Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge” Movie has captured it quite well πŸ™‚

  2. It was hilarious !! but it all happens. I really can’t stand when people just walk inside with their dirty shoes or kids wanting to check every damn thing they can find. Certain things are personal! Agree on that cosmetics part too.

  3. So very true…
    Every guest in my house manages to surprise me with totally new(never heard of kind) …tantrum!!
    This post is satirical but so true..

  4. Hahaha.. i totally agree with each and every point, guest can sometimes be quite a pain…love your post, very interesting <3 Happy Monday <3

  5. I really freak out when I hear guests r coming home as i like my personal space.. may be after marriage i may find peace.. fingers crossed.. lovely write up as always <3

    1. no nats.. after marriage ur family circle is going to be vast. so more guests..hi hi hi πŸ˜‰

  6. hahha,.. its so true dear.. especially with kkids.. like that they have brought them to a place where they can behave like monsters nd destroy everything in vicinity.. πŸ˜›

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