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Weddings are Fun – The Humorous part of Wedding

Some people say I do not want to attend the wedding, it is boring. Well, with the rituals, routine and clicking photographs, it becomes boring for many guests. There are two things which people enjoy the most in a wedding; One is the Baraat Β & the other is Wedding feast πŸ™‚ Β We are not going to write about those, instead this is a guest post by someone. Β How to make your weddings more entertaining with a bit of humor, the right amount of humor at the right place. Β With a bit of humor weddings are fun, right?
Anything remotely close to mush and all things to do with love can be found at almost every other wedding happening around you and this is probably a global truth. But how many weddings come with a dash of much required humor? Yes, tears of joy and inundating emotions during β€˜I do’ moments are absolutely defensible, but a few laughs before or after wouldn’t hurt anyone – would it? Laughter is the best medicine after all – isn’t it?Β 
If you belong to the lighter by nature group amongst about-to-be-married couples all over the world, adding some humor to your wedding should be an option you’ll enjoy exercising.
Bringing laughter into wedding ceremonies, however orthodox or conservative they may be, depends entirely on how you want to go about the laughter trail. As difficult as it may be to script down recipes for laughter (the best being spontaneous) we are going to dole out just this. For some HaHaHa at your wedding, here are basic truths you can experiment with:

The Humorous part of Wedding
The Humorous part of Wedding

1. Get a really funny guy or girl to host your wedding, give him or her details on how you met your significant other or some quick snippets on your courtship. If he or she’s truly funny, they’ll know how to mix it up to have your audience laughing so hard, the tears you were trying to avoid in the first place will happen anyway.
2. Get a priest/religious head who is known for his sense of humor – yes, these breeds do exist, you just need to know where to look or whom to ask. With an option such as this, everything works to advantage where an otherwise serious role is played out to perfection with a sprinkling of hilarity and wittiness.
3. Game it out. There are some great games that can be incorporated into your wedding. Do a little bit of research or ask your wedding planner to help you out with this – the ultimate goal being to help people lighten up at your wedding via the playing of some fun games.
4. With the vows that you will be reading out, try to be funny. Make your vows interesting, amusing, clever and charming. This may have a greater affect on your audience than the tearjerker you were planning to pen down.
That we’ve set up some cheerful inroads, who is to tell – maybe peals of laughter is the only thing you may hear as you approach your typical marriage hall in Bangalore. A parting word of advice – for the greater good of everyone present at your wedding, practical jokes are best avoided – never go down that road.
About the Author
Pragya Varma – Marketing Executive for Templetree Leisure. Templetree Leisure is a perfect blend of modern comforts with a rich, rustic ambience, offering an imaginative and sophisticated venue for luxury marriage and wedding halls in bangalore that host 150 to 1000 guests. Set in a lush garden of 100,000 square feet within Bangalore city limits, Templetree Leisure is an eco-friendly-venue that ensures complete privacy with a strict one-event-at-a-time policy.

40 thoughts on “Weddings are Fun – The Humorous part of Wedding

  1. nice post laks, can you suggest some awsome games for wedding as my brother is going to get married this year and i want to make his wedding best for him πŸ™‚

    1. You can include some couple games like identifying your partner blind folded or some thing, arrange photo booth (Our post: ) and many more. Let me know the dates we would suggest you more fun events πŸ™‚

    1. You are right Poo, Marriages with no fun and naughtiness will be so boring πŸ˜‰

  2. Good ideas… You plan so much for your wedding, but it so happen that its always tension at the end.You end up with grim face & tensed moments in your photographs.. So its high time such ideas are implemented in the weddings ..

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