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The Love Story of Mr Iyer & Miss Kaur – Mr. Iyer's Version

We are  lucky and privileged when we get to grow old with the love of our life, irrespective of however fancy it sounds  love stories are always interesting and this time we have the story of Mr. Iyer and Miss Kaur. Mr. Iyer is a regular pure Tamil Brahmin (Tam Brahm) guy who is brought up in Pune. Unlike the type casted image in our mind, Mr. Iyer is a dynamic dude who worships Iron Maiden, Metallica etc with a passion towards biking 😀 . When it comes to friendship he is the best, never let down any one and goes to any extent to help his friends. He is always the victim of bad servers which causes delays in life (mostly on Friday nights & Saturday nights 😀 ). He is a regular guy because he also sees the same dream of riding his bike with a beautiful someone as pillion rider 😛 ) The love story of Mr. Iyer and Miss Kaur as and how it happened.
Miss Kaur doesn’t need any introduction at this moment since Mr. Iyer has written only about her 😛  . This is a story in real life and love happens…
Over to Mr. Iyer  ……
” They say marriages are made in heaven, for me it was slightly below. In our very own Magarpatta, Pune .
So was it Love at first sight?? No, never 🙂 .. The first day I met Miss Kaur it was as plain as meeting some other girl
No Guitars in the background, no pianos playing, no clouds, no rain, no mist.. no nothing… It was just like meeting some other girl.
So, the first glimpse I had of this girl, walking down her office stairs and along the corridor she seemed quite matured person and that I could just make out from the heavy strides that she was talking.
I already had my presumptions from the guidance given by my dear friend Hemant that Miss Kaur is a very straight forward person and a bit strict, so I had to behave myself when I meet her.
But, as she neared a full view I was a bit taken aback, she looked quite innocent and there was a little gleam in her eyes and those rosy cheeks made me feel that “No, yaar she cannot be the one whom I had presumed”. She looked more like a kid walking in the park not knowing what to do, just walking in her own world.
So, now came the time for introductions. I had to make a very good first impression, don’t raise your eyebrows, ‘Come on guys, everyone would do the same thing’. So I standing near my car, in a pose which would surely be applauded in South Indian movie theaters, was thinking what should I be doing? Hands, in my pocket itching whether should I be the first person to extend the hand, “No I said”, where did you learn your Etiquettes from, always wait for the lady to extend her hands. Finally, I was not disappointed, Miss Kaur did extend her hands out, and that my friend was my first handshake. A real special one though, I felt quite at ease after that with Miss Kaur. She was indeed a very nice person at heart, and really made me feel quite comfortable considering the fact that I have not had many interactions with girls before.
As, time passed by we never knew how much we gelled together and had quite a bit a understanding level and time passed by as if I was dreaming. I loved to make her laugh and she with her non-stop chattering would always keep our conversations lively. The first time I was like surprised by the way she expresses her emotions (right now just the happy part of it 😀 ) was when I had taken her out for our first movie. How can I forget, ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’. You wont believe guys, the way she was laughing in one particular scene, where Anushka is riding the bike, made people sitting two rows ahead and two rows behind give a look as to what has happened to this girl. Even, I got some stares from the crowd, with the expression on their faces that he is the person with whom she has come. I had to escape those stares, so I immediately shifted in my seat away from Miss Kaur, joining the crowd with a stern expression on my face. It took me a while to calm her down. But, actually I loved the way she expressed her self when she is happy and I would do anything to make her laugh like that. Now I was not the only one who was enjoying this; My car which never had a GIRL seated inside was on a roll. It used to ride so smooth, play the correct songs at the correct time and do all the things on its own which would awe Miss Kaur. Ohhhhh, now that songs have come up how can I forget ‘Maahi … Maaaahhiiii… Maaaahhhhiiii…’, My good friends would second me on this 😛 as they are the people who have borne the maximum atrocities from this song. Each day I used to meet Miss Kaur turned out to be very special and we have fond memories of it. By that time, I knew there was something really special about this girl.

The Love Story of Mr Iyer & Miss Kaur - Mr. Iyer's Version
The Love Story of Mr Iyer & Miss Kaur – Mr. Iyer’s Version

I fell in Love with Miss Kaur 🙂 .
This was the time where I could hear all the guitars and violin in the background, smoke bellowing out and would crave for each day to just talk to her for a moment. My phone bills started soaring, but who cared. I was loving that feeling by then.
But, you guys know all these things never go so smooth. Then came a rough patch in my professional life, which did affect my meetings with Miss Kaur. I could meet her only on weekends and was not able give that quality time. All my efforts were going down as till now I could not muster the courage to tell her my feelings. Adding to my misery, Miss Kaur soon had to travel abroad and I had very little time in my hands. At times, I felt that I should tell her how I feel for her, but had my own insecurities.  All things which shouldn’t have been forgotten were lost. Miss Kaur went to China. That is the time when I felt I was very much alone. I thought myself “what are you doing? You are a fool to miss such a wonderful person in your life”. The wait for Miss Kaur to come back from China felt like ages.
I got a new job and got engrossed so much in it that I really made a mess of the whole relationship. I hardly was in touch with her the whole time she was in China. I knew it would be very difficult for me to explain my predicaments when she was back.(though it was the other way)
Finally, the day had come when she would be back from China and I was there at the airport to receive her. It was only then I realized what I was missing from the past 1 month. And in a rather unceremonious burst of emotions, I uttered the hallowed words to her and expressed my love for her the first time.I knew it would be a positive response from Miss Kaur as well.  
I never knew there would be this radical change in me, from a guy who would distance himself by the sight of girls to being head over heels for Miss Kaur. Our relationship and feelings grew steadily and it was within no time a mature relationship. We had decided when the time comes we have to take this relationship forward only after the consent of both parents, easier said than done 🙂 . I did not know how would I be talking about this to my parents. My sis proved as the catalyst for this, she was the one who kind of gave the hint to my parents. Finally, I knew some day or the other I would have to face my parents and talk about this. I was having cold feet about how would this be taken by my parents. But, to my surprise it was more of advises and parental experiences which they shared and whole conversation lasted just about 30 mins.
Now,” it ain’t over till its over”. The second part for convincing was to start in a few weeks. We were expecting a grueling “Meet the Parents” session, but our parents struck the cord well and they finally gave us the consent. The whole wedding was a grand affair, we were married off in both Punjabi and Tamilian way. (Coming Soon..)
The Love Story of Mr Iyer & Miss Kaur - Mr. Iyer's Version
The Love Story of Mr Iyer & Miss Kaur – Mr. Iyer’s Version

Nearly 4 years after marriage, we managed to keep a bit of that old charm going.
“As long as you love each other, the cultural and linguistic difference would just be a small hurdle to cross.”
PS: Just kidding, I just loved Miss Kaur as part of the national integration program 😛 “
We could relate their story to 2 states . What do you guys think, Which one is better ? 😉

Key in your thought below in the comments. Also If you wanna share your love story with us drop in a mail at Your story does not need to be a marriage essentially!  Get featured on our blog . All you gotta do is mail us 😀 

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  1. What an adorable love story… I love reading stories like this…
    I had a fairytale love story that was beautiful but ended sadly. I don’t regret it though.. it was amazing…

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