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How to select a wedding venue

Another guest post from Pragya. Last time she wrote about The Humorous part of wedding, but this time it is a beautiful infographic on how to Β select a wedding venue.
Most of us plan the entire day around their dream wedding location, where as others begin with nothing in mind and are considered to be like a blank page not knowing what to do and what not to do. Either ways choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important wedding plan decisions you could ever make. And when the brides and grooms begin looking out for the wedding venues they first fall in love with the beauty of the place and sign a contract with more practical things. Unless the place is magical and you decide your whole wedding event around it, you should not choose between the wedding venues unless you know how many guests you are inviting and what the size of your budget is. See what others have to say about choosing a wedding venue in the info graphics.

How to Select a Wedding Avenue
How to Select a Wedding Avenue

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35 thoughts on “How to select a wedding venue

  1. such a nice and helpful post dear, I am bookmarking it and will send it to my mum she is gonna be relieved for my time!! πŸ˜›

  2. Lovely post Lakshmi, these days in home this discussion is only going on, my brother is getting married on loads of discussion is going on venue πŸ™‚
    this post helped a lot

  3. Lovely infographics! *cough* *cough* I’ve been trying to avoid these talks at home, but your blog really makes me want to start wedding planning.

  4. haha true … But it was different in our case, other than funding πŸ˜‰ the whole planning was done by both of us πŸ˜€

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