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An Open letter to News websites – When News websites are no more news websites

Some years back, there used to be something called real journalism where people used to go out physically and report the news as seen by human eye. Technology invaded first followed by Social media, today news websites have lost their Charm. News websites are no more news websites, but a site which shares social media updates by celebrities & politicians followed by the hot pics of models around the blog, some advertisements, the latest viral video from you tube and lastly some important news here and there in the smallest column.
There was an incident which came to my mind. Some months back one Sunday morning i was checking for some specific news and i opened one of the top news website in India and was searching for a news and when i found it i was happily reading. My wife was sitting next to me and she asked, what ugly site have you opened? I was awestruck and showed her the site name and her next reaction was ” Make sure we subscribe for news paper at home so that our kid ( happy future πŸ˜› ) doesn’t have to read news online from a site which promotes celerity hot images & updates”. Technology has advanced, but people became lazy and instead of going for news they just publish those contents which gets maximum views.

News websites are no more news websites
News websites are no more news websites

Change is the only constant thing in this world doesn’t mean that News website should become a social media sharing site or Celebrity Photo sharing site. Coming days we will be able to see much more drastic things considering the ongoing trends seen in Social media & bollywood. Miss those days where News websites used to be all about News.

22 thoughts on “An Open letter to News websites – When News websites are no more news websites

  1. So I work for a leading newspaper, and I must tell you this — we get a lot of pvs (page views) for articles on Bollywood, celeb style, their dating life etc. Around 80 percent of the traffic is for these kind of articles and maybe only 20 percent for actual news. I’m not defending the media here, I’m just saying the media caters to what people want most of the times. As shocking as it might sound, people don’t clink on a link as long as it’s something sensationalist. It applies to blogs too, right? That’s why we are always thinking up of innovative/ attention grabbing headlines. However, I’m glad you’ve addressed this! Makes for a good topic to debate. πŸ™‚

    1. I agree that people should also start reading it, but provided a bit of segregation in a way that important news won’t get choke by ads and celeb pics. Glad you liked it. πŸ™‚

  2. Very sad indeed πŸ™
    Unfortunately, money talks.. so these famous “news” sites will keep featuring and focusing on what brings the most traffic and I think majority of the population is also to blame because the interested is more on the mainstream issues rather than actual news..

    1. It is difficult to change people since they keep on changing , but how long can they change as per people..somewhere they have to take a stand.

  3. Hehehe…thats so true honey…these news channels can make news out of nothing…they are more concerned about money now a days

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