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Married Men – The Indian Series

Madmen (the series) is a big hit across the world, also Married Men too are a big joke everywhere. Well, I do not mean to be rude here, being a married man, I thought I will share some challenges we face in our day to day life.Some consider married men to be the happiest, for some they are a joke and for others they are uncles. Enough of this, so what is wrong if we are married?

Married Men – The Indian Series
Scene 1 – Bachelor vs Married Men

Starring – Married Men*, bachelors, kids, Aunties
Scene 1- Bachelor vs Married men
The conversation goes this way:
Bach: Bro, what plans for weekend? So drinks, outing what?
Me : Nothing much. Weekend I do not plan, I let her plan
Bach: what man, so once married you are done?
Me: Dude, It’s the way you take it..
Bach: I know you are helpless..blah blah blah
The above is the simplest sample, what does that mean? Why are married men considered a joke?
Scene 2: Kid vs Married Men
Kid : hello Uncle
Me: (In my mind WTH), Hello
Kid: Uncle Uncle Uncle
Me: (In my mind,I ain’t your uncle)
Why do the kid call you a uncle when you are younger than him (obviously in mind)
Married Men – The Indian Series
Scene 3- Girl vs Married Men

Scene 3: Girl vs Married Men
Girl: So, how is it going dude?
Me: well, Not bad. It has its own charm.
Girl: Come on dude, you changed totally.
Me: Did I? What?
Girl: well, she changed you. You are no more a stud, you are …
Me: Give me a break
Well, what does that mean now? A girl is jealous about me or is it something else?
Scene 4 – The Climax
The precious words of Married Men 😀 :
There are more scenarios, but these are some common and something we face in our day to day  life. The fact is, there is big difference in bachelor & married men, but that doesn’t mean your life is over. Once you are married, if your partner is on the same frequency you are in then life is better than earlier. If she is good with your Friends then more trips, parties, enjoyment and what not. Infact, your life can be more meaningful in every angle like savings, life style, entertainment, enjoyment, smartness, decision making, maturity, responsibility and zillion other things.
Married Men – The Indian Series
Married Men – The Indian Series

For the kids, Come on kid you will get to know the difference once you grow up 🙂 Enjoy being a kid.
For the girls, I changed and if I changed it is for good. If that is because of a girl, you should be happy for her and for me for thinking well and acting like a smart man instead of a selfish teenager. Pray to almighty to get someone like me (married man). 😛
The Climax: Wedding/some other Occasion – Aunties vs Married Men
Aunty: Hello!
Me: Hello Aunty!
Aunty: Hope You both are good!
Me: Yes Aunty, Thank you for asking.
Aunty: So what about good news? (Hope you read this)
Me: *FacePalm* I will inform you as soon as (what to tell now), Be right back. 😐
This is called climax, there is no medicine for this question, no way to stop them from asking this question & none of your answers are going to make them feel good. So dive, escape and vanish..Skadoosh!!!
Married Men* – Men who got married and/or are fall in the age group of 25-40.
Disclaimer – The above post is a way to express the emotions and feelings of the helpless species respectably known as Married Men.

28 thoughts on “Married Men – The Indian Series

  1. true..enjoyed reading @ The Nautanki :yes:
    My hubby will love this post 🙂

  2. I really couldn’t have agreed more to the post!!!!,… U bring so great posts babes!!! laughing my A** out!! 😛

  3. Hehe such an interesting conversation, seriouslt the situation of every married man, don’t know why every kid calls a married couple uncle aunty be it that they are small :/

  4. Hehe.. hreat read. These senarios are so common in our country! And i must add they just do not call the married people aunty and uncle.. I have got an “aunty” from certain kids and I am still a student 😀 It is so weird..What ever happened to bhiya/didi?!

  5. This is a good one dear…I really enjoyed reading it…thts so true that if you get a right partner then your life is not over, it will become much better and happier…but getting a right partner is the toughest thing in this world….;-) 😛

  6. LOllzz.. thats awesum to hear it all from Man.. but guy seriously .. its others who make a jokeof them and potray them as victims.. :P..
    The good news one is super-irritating.. 😉

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