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Granny's diary – Ain't we missing something?

I have seen many people who get enough time for their pets, but when it comes to spending time with their grand parents they act as if all the worldly issues are on their head. It’s really sad that we don’t even bother to give 10 minutes of our time for them. Yes, its true that they talk a lot, their stories include bits of history which we are not interested, they do give outdated opinions, interfere in everything etc, but if at all you think about it, it’s all out of their love for us, their’s are the most pure and unselfish kind of love. You will never feel their agony until you reach that age. Ain’t we missing something?

Granny's diary - Ain't we missing something?
Granny’s diary – Ain’t we missing something?

Some prejudice is always there in grand children’s mind ,

  • They come & sit with us to watch TV not because they are interested to watch it but they love to discuss about the show more.
  • We are always lean in their eyes, that’s just normal. No matter how obese you are they are always gonna say that 😀
  • Please don’t laugh at them whenever they give opinions or suggestion, you can at least ignore it.
  • Giving advice is their routine work, just smile for it rather than giving rude answers.
  • They are physically weak, they will take time to reach us when we are walking together, please don’t complain about it that you shouldn’t have come 🙁 .
  • They don’t have FB, whatsapp or anything to contact others. Their children and their grand children’s are their world 🙂 .
  • Don’t forget that your children are watching you how u behave with your grand parents.
  • Don’t forget to call them on special days, you can never imagine what does it means to them.
    Granny's diary - Ain't we missing something?
    Granny’s diary – Ain’t we missing something?

And if  we can’t spend time with them try to boost their interest in something. Like if they are interested in gardening gift some gardening tools or plants, if they are interested in books at least try to read a page a day for them etc. I know money and gift can’t give them happiness, its our presence they value the most. But still something is better than nothing right? No matter how much we argue with them, eventually we always know that they were right. So before it’s too late , try to understand the value of our grandparents because they won’t be with us for a long time. Spare 5 minutes a day – if not for you, at least for them.

Granny's diary - Ain't we missing something?
Granny’s diary – Ain’t we missing something?

Remember, as a kid we have received the most special tips from grand parents in Curing diseases(specially those magical medicines which heals the wound by next day 🙂 ), cooking yummilicious food, blending with nature and most important lessons of bravery & courage. Also how can we forget those bedtime stories…
Granny's diary - Ain't we missing something?
Granny’s diary – Ain’t we missing something?

Hope after reading this you all will definitely give them a call 😀

46 thoughts on “Granny's diary – Ain't we missing something?

  1. My granny is my closest friend .. i can discuss anything with her.. gp are always adorable u need to give them some attention n love that is all that they want .. nice write up 🙂

  2. yes..these days children have become so careless even about their parents..let alone grandparents….i really hate such kids who leave their parents or grandparents in old age homes….did they leave you when you were a child and not able to walk?? i love my nani 😀

    1. Well said mily. No wonder so many old age homes are there now compared to older times.

  3. I loved my granny, but she passed away 2years back, n now i have my granpaa…he is so cute i love him soo much 🙂
    loved the article 🙂

  4. Lovely Post!! I’m very attached to my grandma. I feel lucky being in my family, where we don’t have to miss being with someone.
    My niece not only gets to play with her grandparents, she also has her great grandma 🙂

    1. Thanks Shivi 🙂 Glad to know that ur mom in law has got a best daughter in law 😉

  5. Splendid post! Grandparents are our wise eyes. Kids learn so much being with them. All they want is respect and love and are so giving. I love my Grandparents <3 <3 <3

  6. Well now I feel like crap for neglecting my grandparents… I haven’t seen them in almost a year. I never find (or take) the time to visit… I am a crappy granddaughter 🙁

    1. At least you are honest enough to admit it . Its never too late dear, u can always turn ‘crappy’ to a ‘perfect’ granddaughter.. 😉 its all upto you..

  7. Amazing Post! Its truly heart touching…nd it breaks my hart when people dont treat their grandparents with respect….I mean all they need is to be near their dear ones….I love my grandparents…They are a great support to my entire family!

  8. Such a great post!! My granny complains sometimes that I do not call her that often.. I shall now! 🙂

    1. ha ha ha!!! hope u called her Swati 😉 and next tym never give her an chance to complain u.. 😀

  9. i love this post!! both of my grandfather’s past away before i was born.. so i wasn’t lucky enough to meet them. and i only have one remaining grandmother alive.. she lives in a foreign country but i try and make a point to visit her once a year 🙂

    1. dats so nice of u lisa, glad to know dat u try to meet her atleast once in a year 🙂

  10. Such a lovely post.. I agree with you.. granparents love is purest of all.. they are one of the most caring ppl on earth.. and yes we shud be more senstive to them.. love my Nanzz for the same.. <3
    Wanna hug her right now. 🙂

  11. Aww.. That’s a lovely post dear and emotional too! I lost my grandparents when I was really young.. But, lucky those who have and hang out with them.. 🙂

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