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Friends – Read & Match the Following :D

Family completes our home, but friends complete our world! Without friends you are a loner, one who haven’t enjoyed life and the person who doesn’t know the meaning of friendship, infact some one whose existence is known to him and his family only. I can’t imagine a life without friends, i have some good friends and i enjoy every second i spend with them. Sometimes its not the family but friends who can really understand you. And if you got a best friend you are indeed very lucky because all the friends out there ain’t your besties. I bet you might have come across a few like :

Friends - Read & Match the Following
Friends – Read & Match the Following

  • Seasonal friends: They are never near you, might be studying or working somewhere far away, but whenever they come they surely give a visit and it feels like nothing changed.(more happy if they bring giftsย  too ๐Ÿ˜› )
  • Forever friends. They are always there with us for a long time, we never speak everyday nor call upon weekly, but still we know we have the good rapport and are always there in our heart. ( ‘where the hell where you’ โ€“ is always the first thing we yell at them)
  • Just friends.ย You donโ€™t want them to be your best friends because of their irritating behavior like self praising, complaint box etc, but still you donโ€™t feel like ‘un-friending’ them.
  • Time-pass friends: โ€œcome letโ€™s chat I am feeling boredโ€ โ€œhi wat are u doingโ€ โ€“ these friends are bored and will remember you whenever their best friends are busy. Just like we are their ‘back-up’ friend.
  • Jealous friends: You make the perfect cake and soon after tasting it here comes the comment โ€œcake is good but it would’ve been really tasty if you had added vanilla essenceโ€ โ€œyup I have added itโ€ (poker face) โ€œoh! is it am not much a cake fanโ€ :P. No matter how perfect you cook or dress up, you can always expect a criticism from them.
  • Odd friend: You always wonder how she is still in our group :O, her thoughts are different, behavior is different and we all sometimes feel annoying but still she manage to be in our gang. ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Tissue friends: โ€œhi dear u look so beautiful. I have brought chocolates for you, could you come with me tomorrow I need to go outโ€ Had a great time, hanging out and the very next day when you call her for a chat. โ€œactually I’m busy will talk to you laterโ€ and after 2-3 months โ€œoh am so sorry dear I couldn’t contact you, I was REALLY busy ,can you do me a favor can you come with meย  tomorrowโ€ and the situation repeats. Some are smart enough to avoid them, but me never learn my lesson (grin face)
  • Gossip friend: ya ya u got it. She just calls to give you gossip update. โ€œpata hai kya wohโ€ฆ..โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Back stabbing friends:They’ll be like โ€œ you are my BFF , will always be, can give up anything for you..blah blahโ€ฆ and according to their convenience they will stab you and the worst part is we donโ€™t even know when it happened. Just like zor ka jatka dheere se lage.. ๐Ÿ˜
  • Chaddy buddy:ย  You know them since u wore your first school uniform. We many not have the same interest or likes. But there is some close connection with them that no matter how much difference of opinion still we have that bonding. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Friends - Read & Match the Following
    Friends – Read & Match the Following

And finally comes the Best friend, You don’t have any secrets to hide with her, no matter what happens she will always be there for you, she knows your mood swings, no matter what decision you take she’ll support you.24/7 she will be there for you without any excuses, even if the whole world is against you, can count on her and the best friend is none other than โ€œYOUโ€!!! And if you are not perfect enough never expect your best friend to be a perfect one.

Friends - Read & Match the Following
Friends – Read & Match the Following

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