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"Any Good News?" The trickiest Indian question for every couple

“Beti…khush kabri kab doge?” The most common question a newly wed girl need to face ever since she gets married. C’mon auntiji… she is just married let her enjoy her honeymoon period!  The common misconception among all uncles & aunties is as soon as you get married you ought to be pregnant. That’s it!!! So, the question remains Any good news? 😐
And the first  6 months of marriage is considered as your probation period, being in 21st century it’s extended up to a year. But after a year, your deadline is finished and they will even hunt you in your sleeps 😛

Any Good News The trickiest Indian question for every couple
Any Good News The trickiest Indian question for every couple

After that you need to be well prepared while attending a party or any family function, as they will be showering with questions like:

  • ‘Are you still on family planning?’ ( Grrr… So what? You got any problem with that?) ‘No aunty nothing like that’ (a fake smile fitted).
  • There’s a Dr xyz, a famous infertility specialist, You should consult her. (I wish you could consult a psychiatrist first) OK will see to it aunty.

Just imagine about facing  the same questions and suggestions from each and every person we meet in a function…Phew!!!!
The worst part is when they get bored with the same question and suggestion; they upgrade it by asking the next version (more pathetic) :

  • ‘Who has got the problem?’ (It’s you woman, if at all you could stay away from my personal life my problems might get solved) ‘We both are fine aunty, there’s nothing to worry about’.
  • ‘What did the Dr say’? (Ohh!! I didn’t know that you are an infertility specialist and you know everything about follicular study, endometrium, ovary, embryos, semen analysis etc…Grrrrr %#@&%) ‘Reports are normal aunty’.
  • ‘How many years have you been married?’ – The longer the years the louder they make wired noises like “Awww!!! Ohhhh!!!sigh!!!.. Poor you”.
  • And please… going for a infertility treatment doesn’t mean that they are bringing someone else’s baby.
    Any Good News? The trickiest Indian question for every couple
    Any Good News? The trickiest Indian question for every couple

I can’t understand the satisfaction these mood spoilers get by asking this every time they see these couple. Give them some time and peace so that they can plan and sort it out. They are going through a hardship during their treatment, both mentally, physically and financially (if you guys know how much these infertility treatment costs). Over the top these bugging query from acquaintance can be torturing .Nobody can understand the trauma they are going through unless you face the same situation. Hiding their sorrows with a fake smile takes a lot of effort. Infertility is just a temporary situation; with gods grace miracle can happen any time.
And if not it’s not the end of the world.  They deserve to live a peaceful life, so stop bothering them and mind your own business!!!

48 thoughts on “"Any Good News?" The trickiest Indian question for every couple

  1. that was one awesome and funny post!! I so wish people would learn to mind their own business!! but that doesn’t seems to be the story!!

  2. haha….next time some old lady asks any newly married girl that “when is the good news coming” tell her..aunty ji itni jaldi hai to aap khud kyun nahi bachche paida kar leti!! she will shut up for the rest of her life!

    1. LOL!!! and we will be tagged as “bathameez aurath” for the rest of our life.. but who cares, hena 😉

  3. Good one …. and most wonderful out of this is when even you have not given any thought over the idea of family , rest of the world is so keen to plant this idea into your mind….
    Well its high time people to MIND THERE OWN business

  4. Indian mentality I tell you!
    What I think the main reason they do is because they cant stand the fact that women are independent these days and seeking less and less validation from others. They had to go through a lot back in their day. So they want to make sure you do too. Thats why they ask these questions purposely. They very well know that most of the questions are too close to home. They take pleasure thinking they were not the only ones. Sad mentality.

    1. so true preeti.. they cant stand that we r enjoying our life with less responsibility. sometimes its not bcos they care for us, its just out of their pure jealousy.. 😐

  5. that was an awesome read…I have heard it so many times (married for 3 years…now just imagine!! ) but I totally ignore them..! :-p

    1. Thanks Harine..every girl might have come across these question once in her life time..:D

  6. I laughed my heart out and people around me were staring..So common though uncommon post..Great job done..I loved it..

  7. haha!! I love reading your posts!! 🙂 this one is no exception.. my bhaiya and bhabhi are going through this phase since 3 years 😀

  8. Gosh! Ask me about it! People make you go through hell till you don’t have a baby. Maybe the couple just doesn’t want to have one for some time. I really wanted to ask those aunties if they were planning to finance my child’s education or something (but I didn’t 🙁 ) Guess what, some of them are yet to visit us….and my baby is now 2!!! 😀

  9. Gosshh u wrote my mind dear.. Have been through or can i say goingthrough this torture.. ggrrr!!
    They are just after everbody life to make them pregranant on their wedding day!
    God knows what kind of satisfaction they get!! 😛

  10. Such a tricky and irritating question for every girl, I feel 2 years period to not have a baby is probably okay for a couple and no one should have a problem with it. Very well written post, these uncles and aunties needs to be treated a lesson, I need to think something over it so that when my time comes, me unhe muh tod jawab du 😀

  11. This is such a common thing with most aunties… I have seen so many poor newly/recent wed women being asked (or should I say harassed) by these questions and whenever I will be in this situation in the future, I am so not going to be all polite. They can call be batameez and whatever they want. But having a baby or when to have one is something that should solely be decided by the couple and it should be ok if they decide to have one 5 years after marriage. Women today are so much more independent and they have another extension apart from producing and raising kids. Great post!

    1. well said swati.. cos as long as we remain polite they will continue asking such questions. They r just being sadist so we dont have to bother abt them either.

  12. hey !! I can totally connect to this problem … going through one in my life … why everyone seems to declare that there is no life without a child and still all the women who have children always seem complaining how hell their lives are with kids phew !! they dont let you live anyway 🙁

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