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2 States – Another Romcom worth a watch

Most saturday mornings becomes busy morning for us. It goes at lightning pace starting with getting up a bit early, freshening up,  breakfast, getting ready & rushing for the movie 😀 Well, Saturday morning should be creative and not lazy:P This week we chose 2 States, much awaited movie. I ain’t a chetan bhagat fan and so haven’t read most of his books (don’t kill me for that 😛 ) other than One night at call center, the 3 idiots & 3 mistakes of my life which made me feel like drinking the same vine in different containers with different snacks. Having said that, this movie is another romcom worth a watch. Read through…

2 States - Another Romcom worth a watch
2 States – Another Romcom worth a watch

2 States is a film with a typical chetan bhagat story 🙂 , good cast, no drag and enough laughs. What I loved about the movie other than Aliya’s performance is the relationship between Arjun Kapoor & his dad. Oh, by the way I saw IIM A (without entrance), now I know where the canteen is and how easy the placement interviews are. 😀 For me the first half was kind of a funny tour inside IIM A along with the awesome Alia bhatt 😉 & Arjun Kapoor and they took us around through the hostel rooms (we saw a lot of this), class rooms, the canteen, the campus, the students and the convocation ceremony there.76678-Alia-Bhatt-And-Arjun-Kapoor-2

The laugh riot is triggered by three different style jokes:

Madrasi vs Punjabi – They have displayed this in a healthy manner taken in a way that no one gets offended. Sample Dialogue – haaaye, ye to madrasi hain!! (amrita singh)

Girl’s vs boy’s jokes – These are the ones which you get to see along with the IIM A tour. These jokes are situational and hence they trigger the laughter somehow.Sample Dialogue –  Ananya – Tum ladkon ke dimaag main sirf ek iii cheez hoti haina? Krish – Yes!

Parent’s vs Kids Jokes- Other than the above two, the attractive ones were the parent’s vs kid’s jokes. Khoobsurat punjabi ladkiyan sab mar gayee kya? (Amrita Singh)

I have written the simplest ones which i remember, you will see many more in the movie.

All in all this is a fine entertainer, a good watch and one movie where we can see major part of the audience in the Movie hall trying to match the scene in the movie and dialogues with the ones in the book (irritating).

2 States - Another Romcom worth a watch
2 States – Another Romcom worth a watch

The Attraction for Girls:

  • Other than the story, the cast, jokes and songs something which girls are going to love is the dressing, décor & accessories used by the cast. You can see Alia in pretty skirts, casuals & shorts in the first half while in the second half you will see her mostly in traditional dresses, Saree’s, Lehenga’s.
  • Also the character Ananya is portrayed as a smart, open minded, modern, stylish Independent girl who has her own opinions and is not afraid of speaking out her mind.
  • And last but not the least, The charming Arjun Kapoor 😛


The Attraction for Guys :

  • Stunning, bubbly and charming alia bhatt 😀 I heard a boy sitting behind us saying “She is Hot man” 😉
  • A free tour of IIM A & a mock placement interview 😛
  • Confidence about the love stories in their life.

The Verdict:


2 States is a good watch, a romcom which keeps you entertained till the end and touches your heart somewhere because most of the scenarios in the movie where Parents vs Kids part happens can be correlated. A good movie to watch with your family. There are a couple of intimate scenes and hence the movie is given a rating of U/A. The songs were also good 🙂

2 States - Another Romcom worth a watch
2 States – Another Romcom worth a watch

47 thoughts on “2 States – Another Romcom worth a watch

  1. I like watching well made romcoms. The treatment makes all the difference.
    I am not a big Chetan Bhagat fan either. IMHO most of his books are pretty average stuff. I guess the reason they do well is because they are so filmy. In India there is nothing bigger than Bollywood and cricket 🙂
    2 states, the book was a fun, timepass read, nothing great.

  2. I am a cheatn Bhagat fan, and I haven’t still been able to watch this.. I have to watch it anyway..and after reading this,,I have to like I really have to watch it!!! I wana watch it like now!!!!

    1. Seems your are excited 😉 I heard Chetan Bhagat fans loved the book than the movie 🙂

  3. Nicely reviewed post laks …. I have not yet seen the movie as I better chose to watch “The Other Woman” this weekend. But after reading your review I will definitely watch it…. 🙂

  4. Arjun and Alia make a cute pair. If you love romcoms you should watch 2 states 🙂

  5. Personally, I don’t watch rom-com movies. I like serious cinema more 🙂 You have reviewed the movie so nicely, thanks for sharing <3

  6. I have read the novel. I love chetan bahgat’s style of writing. and the films will really make the story come out alive. :).
    u summarized it so well. 🙂

  7. I am yet to watch it and when everyone around me already telling me nice movie, it makes me wanna watch real soon! Thanks for the article..Lovely pics you have chosen.. <3

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