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When you Select your Wedding Footwear…

We love footwear. We shop them as there is no tomorrow. Right girls?? πŸ˜› Β I can never have enough footwear in my closet. Every time I go shopping I never miss a visit to my favorite footwear brands πŸ˜€ . When it comes to the wedding footwear it’s more special and one of the most important part of wedding shopping πŸ˜€ Let me share a few points which I kept in mind while shopping my wedding foot wear.
  • First and most important, comfort. Buy what you are comfortable wearing. If you don’t get the right one keep hunting and you’ll get your perfect wedding footwear. ( I shopped what I liked but later wore what I was comfortable in, on my wedding day πŸ˜› )
When you select your wedding footwear!
When you select your wedding footwear!
  • Always have a Plan-B.Keep an extra footwear in case you are not comfortable or if something goes wrong ( from personal experience πŸ˜› )
  • Keep your outfit in mind while you purchase your wedding foot wear. What you buy should complement your wedding wear and trousseau.
  • Select a footwear which you can wear again after wedding, rather than going for matching shoes with dress you can try golden, silver etc which complements your wedding lehenga/ sari/gown.
When you select your wedding footwear!
When you select your wedding footwear!
  • Do not keep the wedding footwear packed till wedding day. Start wearing and practicing at home. At times new footwear may give you shoe bite which will be really painful on wedding day and trust me you don’t want that.
  • Pointed heels are ideal wedding footwear, but wear them only and only if your are comfortable in them. You get nice flats and wedge heels which would go with your wedding outfit.
When you select your wedding footwear!
When you select your wedding footwear!
  • If wearing a toe ring is mandatory in your wedding try getting the footwear which will not hurt you with the toe ring or vice a versa πŸ˜€
  • Watch your groom’s height before you go for wedding footwear shopping. It would be best if you look at least an inch shorter than him πŸ˜€
  • If you are planning for a beach wedding venue select a nice foot jewelryΒ instead of footwear and a very simple foot wear which you can remove easily (of course with no heels). You can also opt bare foot with foot jewelryΒ if you are comfortable.
    When you select your wedding footwear!
    When you select your wedding footwear!

These are few points based on Β my own experience :), you can add on more below. What did you wear on your D Day or do you have any dream foot wear for your D day? πŸ™‚ And if you need “shoespiration” (shoe+inspiration! in my head shoe porn :P:P ) visit our previous blog here.
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16 thoughts on “When you Select your Wedding Footwear…

  1. I want all of these, these are so gorgeous, your tips are really going to be handy and helpful, I’m bookmarking all these for future reference, thanks for sharing such tips and tricks.

    1. All from pure experience ;). I haven’t touched my red sandals after wedding 😐

  2. These are some superb tips honey…really useful and helpful…I agree that comfort comes first when you select footwears…:-)

  3. Finding the right shoe for wedding is hell lotts pain i spent 3 days to get mine.. but loved the ones u added in pics here.. <3
    Those golden balerrinas are fab.. :-*

  4. Awesome pointers πŸ™‚ Really helpful. I can totally connect with the toe ring one, its very painful to wear peep toes with toe rings.

    1. THanks soujanya. I Love ur name! It different! yaaa! The Toe ring one actually happened with my friend! It’s was so difficult to out her aldos in place and we never thot of the toe ring at all!!

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