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Wedding Mandap Decor – Inspiration

Inspiration time people ๐Ÿ˜› I have written several articles on wedding decor , But this just dunno why kept postponing itself. ย  Other than the whole fun and Masti and shopping a traditional wedding is solemnized only when the ย saat (7) Pheras are complete. And these saat pheras take place under the mandap! And I ย personally prefer this area to be well decorated and comfortable as the bride and the groom after all sit here for the longest period of time amidst the havan kund in the middle of the night ! (in the day time in some of the customs) ย So Here’s something to inspire you guys to get the right style of the wedding mandap decor!
1. ย I love how the entry stairs have elephant statues and its a red carpetish feel that gets this decor here in the list!

Wedding Mandap decor
How cute are those elephant statues.

2. ย The huge rose garland around the golden Pillar! *skips a beat* ย White, Red and Golden! What could’ve gone wrong with this one ?? Its Perfect!
Wedding Mandap decor
I love the roses around the Pillar.

3. ย The orange curtains steal the show! Its huge and simple both at the same time! Remember less is more!
Wedding Mandap decor
I love the orange at this wedding!

4. The thumbs up here is for the amount of flowers used in the top dome and the side pillars.
Wedding Mandap decor
Its petite and gorgeous!

5. The sitting area and the chairs make this Mandap very personal looking. ย There is not much happening with flowers or candles or drapes. The right colors and this wedding Mandap decor looks gorgeous.
Wedding Mandap decor
The chair arrangement is comfortable yet royal.

6. Perfect for outdoor weddings. ย The peachy pink drapes I love.
Wedding Mandap decor
Totally love the peachy pink drapes.

7. ย Beach wedding ? The mandap is a tricky thing on a beach! But look how perfect this is !
Wedding Mandap decor
Wedding mandap at a beach wedding

8. Have been obsessed with pink and orange combi lately. No more reason why the one below is in my post ๐Ÿ˜›
Wedding Mandap decor
Love the pastel colors.

9. ย  This is so perfect for a day wedding. The yellow and beige just stole my heart !
Wedding Mandap decor
I love weddings with yellow drapes from now on! Period!

This is pretty much that could inspire you and me for putting up the right wedding theme and decor. Tell me which one do you like ! Or more so send me pictures of your wedding decor and get featured on the blog. Mail us at [email protected]

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