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Trend Alert : Queen inspired Floral Jewelry

queen movie floral jewellery-kangana
The Mehendi Fucntion can Be ideal For Floral Jewelry

Did you guys watch Queen ?  I loved Kangana Ranaut in the movie. The Music and her acting is beyond fabulous. The transition from a young know it nothing girl to a reform independent woman is so so amazing.  And London Thumakda is on my repeat playlist since ages now! *Still dancing* syappaa!! :P:P And kangana in the song wearing the floral jewellery is something we really liked. Though her character is a regular rajouri girl from Delhi, We still can take the Trend alert that kangana in queen movie gives out! Flower jewelry is making the round these days! And I had the innate need to write about this on the blog. Plus I had to share my love for the queen movie too (more of this as I already got a flack for not reviewing queen after watching it 🙁 ). And Have you guys heard the Ranjha song from queen ? It first din’t really appeal to me but second time and I am now hooked to it. It just touches your soul. You guys should totally listen to it.  Back to post about the Floral jewelry trend. Kangana was spotted in the Song London Thumakda wearing Floral jewelry with the no makeup look and we loved it. The Function shown was the Mehendi Function.

queen floral jewellery
Kanagana’s Floral Jewelry and simple no makeup look!

The Deol’s were seen daunting floral jewelry at Ahana deol wedding too.

FLoral Jewelry
Hema Malini and Ahana Deol In Floral Jewelry

Vidya Balan was seen with minimum Makeup and lovely floral jewelry at her own mehendi fucntion.

Floral Jewelry
Vidya balan At her Mehendi! We lover her sarees too.

Recently Tv Figure Rakshanda Khan was spotted at her Wedding Function in FLoral Jewelry
Aishwarya Rai at her Mehendi wearing Floral jewelry
Floral Jewelry
Doesn’t She look Fabulous!

The Deol Trio at Eesha deol wedding
Floral Jewelry
The Beautiful Deol Family

Where can you use these floral pieces :
One of the pre- wedding function , Mehendi , Godh Bharai or Gowri Pooja.
Where can you Find these ?
Any local shop. Please don’t try to save money and make them yourself! They are not very expensive. You don’t wanna get anything wrong on the D Day do you ? There are a couple of options online too.
Insider’s tip :
If you are allergic to the real flowers go for the non- scented artificial ones.

30 thoughts on “Trend Alert : Queen inspired Floral Jewelry

  1. I find flower jewelry very interesting! Watched queen and liked it so much! I agree she was beyond fabulous and she did total justice with the script ! I feel very proud when Bollywood creates such work! Cheers Bollywood!

  2. Wow floral jewelries look so cool and unique, I so want some floral accessories now in my wedding 😀 your posts are tempting me to do lot of things for my wedding which is far far away abhi toh 😀

  3. so pretty and economical…..these make the bride look fresh…but what if some bees come and start sitting on the flowers 😛 haha…..then the bride will be in problem!

    1. Hehee Mily! THen indoor mehendi is the go for that bride where bees is a problem 😛 Warna Kagaz ke phool 😛

  4. Oh! Its a lovely idea! Its strange but I really didnt know this trend is quite common…I saw it for the first time on Kangna in Queen 🙂 Thanks for the headstart babes…Now I know exactly which blog to follow when I wud get married 🙂 <3

  5. Really a very interesting choice of jewellery! 🙂
    I have never seen this one so much around…Noticed it for the first time in Queen but lovely compilation dear! 🙂

  6. I hate to say this but aishwarya rai was looking good wearing floral jewellery and kangana created waves with london thumakda song..nice post..

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