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Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

Some weddings are unforgettable because of the way they are conducted while some are unforgettable because of the venue selected. One of the important things for a wedding is the wedding venue.  The first thing to be done as soon as wedding date gets finalized is to book a venue. There may be plenty of good venues in all towns and cities but, choosing the right one is really important as everyone wants their wedding to be special. Finding a wedding venue is not difficult, finding the right venue is.  These are our tips on some things to look out for when choosing the wedding venue.

The Right place for tying the Knot - Wedding Venue
The Right place for tying the Knot – Wedding Venue

  • Select the type of venue first depending on the weather, the kind of function and location. For example in a city like Delhi, it is best to have cocktail party in a banquet hall, while for a destination wedding in Goa, the party should be on the beach side.
Beach Wedding Venue
Beach Wedding Venue
  • Location – The location of the venue is very important, It should be at a reasonable distance from airport, railway station etc and not a secluded place. Guests should not face any difficulties in finding the venue and it’s better if there are multiple options of transport to the venue.
  • Parking – The venue should have ample parking to accommodate guest’s vehicles. Valet parking would be an added advantage. A venue without ample parking is a pain to the guests, especially when they come dressed well searching for parking space.
  • Facilities – Most important thing for any venue is facilities like power back up, air conditioning, 24/7 water, availability of people to help etc. Places with extreme summer, the venue should be having air conditioning with power back up so that no one sweats in their gorgeous attire.
  • Looks – The venue should be having the look and feel of a wedding venue. It should not look like a tech park.
Royal Wedding Rajasthan
Royal Wedding Rajasthan
  • Accommodation – It is better to have some rooms in case for an out station guest to stay.  Also for the bride – groom family to relax and enjoy the wedding.
  • Locker Facility – There should be locker facility to keep the belongings especially ornaments, money etc.
  • Decoration – Venues with decor options of their own where guest can choose the wedding decor  is always better than a venue where you have to get people from outside for decoration. Otherwise host family members will have to monitor these things.
Wedding Decor
Wedding Decor
  • Food Options – Most of the banquet halls offer catering facility and are charged Per Plate. You get a chance to taste their food and then decide. If you are opting for a venue without catering, then you have to follow-up about food, number of plates, monitor how they do it, quality etc.
  • Assistance – Availability of people to assist is important. For welcoming guests, electrician, plumber, A/C technician etc. There should be also back up in case any functional, technical issues.
  • Cost – Only go for a costly venue if you really think it is worthy. For example Instead of going for a costly venue without parking and located in the heart of the city, go for a venue which is located at a reasonable distance with all facilities is considered value for money.
  • Most important is, Good venues are difficult to get on auspicious dates or in other words, book the venue as soon as the date gets finalized since it is not necessary that the good venue is available on the date you wanted.

The list is not complete and can never be complete, because there is always room for improvement 🙂

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  1. Cool! all imp points covered! Recently had a bad experience where we were not able to find the parking and had to park at some weird alone place! The whole time was thinking just about my

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