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Shaadi ke Side Effects: The Wife's Version

Have you guys watched ‘Shaadi ke Side Effects’  yet? I am not claiming it as a great movie but if you are married or in a committed relationship it’s a must watch. I didn’t want to miss the movie because of two reasons.

  1. I am a wife and definitely wanted to know ‘ Shaadi ke Side Effects’ and how many are sailing in the same boat  😛
  2. I knew it would be of some help for my blog 😀

I started my ‘roller coaster ride’ (as everyone describes marriage) about two years back and it was actually a thrilling ride with lots of up’s and downs, laughter, tears, fights, love, romance, missing mom and what not.
I am going to share few points I picked up from my ride which I realized watching ‘Shaadi ke Side Effects’ .

Shaadi ke side effects
Shaadi ke side effects
  • Find time for each other. I think it’s the most important and easy thing to do. You know it’s not difficult to spare just two hrs out of whole 24 hrs for your soulmate.
  • None of us are bad in arguing. I love to 😉 but at times when I allow him to win the argument I feel proud of myself. Trust me it works.
  • It’s a well-known fact that opposites attract. Exactly! That’s the reason why we are together, accept the fact. Never try to change your partner to how you are or how you want him to be. Let him be as he is.
  • Accept your Mistakes, I am still working on it, Not very successful though 😛
  • Never drag your silly arguments to next day. Sort/Fight it out before you go to bed 😛 (Our fights don’t last more than 30 minutes – thanks to my husband who apologizes every time 😉 )
  • Talk- talk – talk and sort it out. Silence isn’t good for a healthy love relationship.
  • Never ever take your fights to your parents or relatives. Little things happen in little family.
  • This may sound silly; Share your day with your partner, your day at work, the traffic jam, and other teeny weeny bits. This is how I know why he is frustrated. I can also find out whether it is a good day to ask for shopping or dine out 😉 .
  • Never be a miser in complementing each other. Well, a bit motivation is not bad at all 😀 .
  • The final 5 letter word means a lot. It forms the base of the relationship. TRUST him as you trust your shadow.


Our Wedding Ring :D
Our Wedding Rings 😀

These are the quick ones which came to my mind. This doesn’t mean I am the perfect wife 😛 , we fight every now and then. I sometimes feel our fights keep our love relation lively.
Share your thoughts about Shaadi ke Side Effects below 🙂

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  1. Very nice post honey… was great fun reading it…some great tips for those in a committed relationship…:-)

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