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The Off Beat Painter!

Sipping coffee in your balcony on a chilly Sunday morning with a coffee table book (Just imagine :P). That used to be my favorite thing in the world before I entered the blogging world. Now its more like coffee table blog syndrome.  As much as I always think of not blabbering about random thoughts in the blog I just can’t resist it! But there is so much I want to talk to you guys about. Today is our offbeat day and I would like to introduce you all to Krishnendu Biswas – the off beat painter, no no he definitely has nothing to do with weddings. He’s a painter ! ya I said it Painter and a footballer 😀 Go ahead ask me “what is he doing here”? We love talent and we love art. At just 21 years of age he paints , plays football and blogs! I was fascinated with his work and wanted to know more. So taking this Sunday off from weddings and vendors enjoy this coffee table blog 😀 Here’s what we asked and he wanted to share.
P.S. You should check out his paintings if you are an art enthu and wanna buy one !! 😀

The Painter
Ei Meghla Din.e Ekla
Cost INR 17,000/-

TKS: Welcome to theknotstory Krishnendu. Tell us about  your Training in Painting..
KB: I have been a trained painter for almost 15 years under the guidance of Indranath Laha (Gold Medalist in Fine Arts)  and Sudarshan Dey (Government Art College,Kolkata).
TKS: How many exhibitions have you conducted ?
KB: I have been a part of 2 exhibitions before. Despite not organizing a solo exhibition, both the group exhibitions also had the presence of various eminent painters from Kolkata.
TKS: What is your favorite subject to paint? What is your favorite painting till now?
KB: My favorite subject of painting is where I can give out a message. One day I was sitting idle near the window and looking at the gloomy weather outside, feeling completely useless. My mother came inside the room and suddenly she said “are you looking to figure out a new theme?” I looked at her and I wanted to see what exactly made her say that. I went to her position and tried to figure it out but something was busy. What was that? I got the answer straightaway. It was “Me”. My mother saw me sitting near the window pane and looking at the cloudy beauty outside. I asked my mother to click a photo as I continued with the same pose. I painted the picture and modified it. I named it “Ei Meghla Dine Ekla”. It is a Bengali song sung by the famous Hemanta Mukhopadhyay. The phrase meant “Alone in a gloomy day”. However, my favorite painting will be “Injurious”.  I am a non smoker and have been subject to passive smoking quite a number of times. The painting was my way of showing hatred for the concept of smoking.
Evil Romance -Oil on Canvas Cost: INR 35,000/-
Evil Romance -Oil on Canvas
Cost: INR 35,000/-

TKS:  That is an interesting painting! No wonder we like to call you the off beat painter. As you know love weddings, have you ever wanted to make a wedding beautiful by painting?
KB: For decorating a wedding with paintings I’d probably require at least 3 years to work on all the paintings. It will be a very honorable and pleasing experience for me if I ever get to decorate somebody’s wedding with my paintings. But keeping in mind the outrageous expenses and the hard work required along with the time necessary, painting will be a difficult way to decorate somebody’s wedding. But if a newly wedded couple asks me to paint a beautiful wedding moment for them, I would love to do it.
TKS: Considering that you are a Liverpool Fan, which is the jersey you love most? Also who is that one footballer whom you love to create on Canvas?
KB: Liverpool is my life. It is the inspiration that will keep me going till my last breath. The Red Liverpool jersey is probably the best costume I can ever wear. I would love to paint Steven Gerrard on my canvas someday. He is the definition of Liverpool’s existence right now. He is the best man to play for the club. It will be my pleasure if I can paint him.
The offbeat Painter
Che – Oil/ Acrylic on Canvas Cost: INR – 35,000/-

TKS: If you get a song to paint, which one would you prefer?
KB:Vanilla twilight by Owl City. The tune makes me feel like I should throw up all the color in front of me and whatever impression it creates on the canvas it will be the impression of happiness.
TKS: Are you planning to start any Painting project to support a social cause? Have you ever done something before?
KB: I have painted greeting cards before and sent them over to Helpage India and some other NGOs that deal with child welfare. I have sold hand-made greeting cards before in order to raise funds for a charitable cause. But this was long before when I was in school. I would love to do it again sometime.
TKS: IF you get a chance to change the world by painting, what would be the first thing you like to change?
KB: Discrimination. From religious to social discrimination, if painting would have solved a problem, I’d happily do it for free. I have never ever treated another human being with superior approach towards him. I hate to see when something happens like that around me. If my painting could have brought a change, I’d have painted a happy society with people from all religion and all skin and hair color standing together with only one motto – PEACE.
TKS: What do you like about Theknotstory?
KB: The Knot Story is a very informative website about wedding plans and stories and all the necessary info have been provided regarding how to live a wedding week and prepare for it in a perfect way. It’s like when a reluctant young girl of 22 is taken to a jewelry shop and then her mother decorates her with those jewelry, she somehow starts believing in the art of marriage. She feels beautiful inside. The Knot Story provides us with the same feeling. Anybody who would go through the website will surely think of marrying his or her loved on in a very special way. I personally follow theknotstory’s Facebook and Twitter page and the people behind the concept are doing a fabulous job.
“Thanks for the wonderful words for our blog Krishnendu, Team theknotstory wishes you all the best for all your future ventures 😀 ” For those who are interested to know more or buy the paintings, or even get a portrait done, comment below or mail Krishnendu at [email protected]
More Painting from Krishnendu below :

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