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The Right Story of the Wrong Knot – Part 2

Guest post by Tanya from Braindeadmusicalive!
(Read the Part 1 here

Coming from an unwed-brain, these are some of my quick and personal views that wouldn’t help you sustain a marriage longer than you already can, but might just help you add a bit of spice to the idea of making your companionship a better, funnier and easier tradition to live by…

Story of the knot
“This is the problem I want to have. Let our scars fall in love.”

  • You will never see things through your partner’s eyes because you are two entirely different people. You are genetically, physiologically, and  psychologically different.  So take pride in being different yet of incredible importance to your partner. You might just stumble upon the new genre of music that’s on his favorite playlist and get appreciated for your home keeping skills. If we were all doing the same things all our lives, I wonder why would we ever need to marry anyone, We could  all marry ourselves and keep drowning in the same ocean of age-old habits only to die happily ever after.
  •  Remember that, You’ve married another species of your own form. Not a super-hero or natural problem solver. The tug of war between men and women shall live longer than we do. However, the silly assumptions of always being taken care of, of getting immediate answers that brilliantly solves all your issues at once, the super instincts of miraculously reading your mind don’t really work.
  • Talk! Talk, share a few glances in silence, discuss, confess, forgive and most importantly do all of this only when you know the other person has what it takes to accept you for what you are. He has the nerve to let you into his world of secrets, problems and also the uglier lesser known truths. The best of couples do not sustain a problem-less relationship, they just happen to accept the fact that there’s going to be a lot more than the sweetness of love, there’s going to flaws and downfalls, but now, there are two of us to sail through the everyday storm.
  • Break the myth – “A great relationship is a peaceful one”! If only, it were so, we would all be living in heaven on earth. The peace that you’re looking for in your marriage is the one that belongs to you already, if only you believe in the art of re-inventing your kind of love, your sense of self-worth and your willingness to strengthen the weak points, with every passing day of conflict.
The story of the knot
The peace that you’re looking for is the one that belongs to you already.
  • Indulge yourself in the mystery of this seemingly unsolvable yet fascinating idea of living through the thick and thin together. Hour by hour, day after another, and years later, you’d still be wondering to yourself if was it all really worth it. I’d say think of it today, see if you feel the zest within to make it work for years to come. If you don’t, save yourself all the precious years of self-sacrifice and the forthcoming regret, get your wings off anything or anyone that’s binding you against your will. But in case you do, than forget everything you just read, add some humor to your struggle of blending in and see destiny unfold itself beautifully, carving a smile on your face at the end of the day, hearing your spouse say, “My wife and I were happy for 20 years… then we met.”

Ah! That’s how you live a knot-story. You fight . You get insecure, crazy, protective, jealous, mean, sad, murderous and also The Man and The Lady, every once in a while.
Quoting Galway Kinnell  – “You’re looking for the wrong person. But not just any wrong person: the right wrong person, someone you lovingly gaze upon and think, “This is the problem I want to have. Let our scars fall                                                              in love.”
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16 thoughts on “The Right Story of the Wrong Knot – Part 2

  1. An exhaustive analysis penned down concisely.
    Reminds me of a statement from the movie Anand: “It is so simple to be happy, yet so difficult to be simple”.
    Life itself, in its purest form, has always been simple coz nature loves simplicity. Its just we, who tend to complicate it through disillusioned perception of who we actually are. In the process of picking up identifying attributes to ourselves, we tend to ignore the fact that which appeals naturally to us all humans is compassion and that we don’t choose to be compassionate but we naturally have always been that.
    Speaking in generality I believe, one can bring down sufferings in the world around them, by letting themselves get into the shoes of those that are deemed to be judged. And it applies to marriages as much as it applies to every other aspect of modern day life.

    1. Sid, I here by certify u the title “Official Genuine Commenter” of my blogs. 😀 😀 🙂
      You might have landed in the wrong profession, scientist 😛 your words make me want to read more of it and also, let it reach out to as many as possible.

        1. Well, umm, ders a Lip-shade contest up on the page..! Try ur luck 😀 U neva know, u mite just get lucky 😀 😛

  2. Moronnnnn… Oops.. Tanya!! When did u started making sense to me and when did u start digging ur brains!!! My heartfelt greetings and appreciations!!!
    So I praised and read d blog.. Send my payment soon!! 😉 !!!
    Just kidding… I know you for so long now that I’ve started surprising me.. A great friend I know.. A great blogger too haan.. Good to know. Cheers!!!

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