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Man becomes a Husband – The Car Story

Everyone starts looking at a guy as an adult with responsibilities once he nears the marriageable age. In between these things comes the typical Indian Dream or dream of every Indian parents; their son marrying a beautiful girl and getting settled, in my words  Man becomes a Husband here.

Man becomes a Husband - The Car Story
Man becomes a Husband – The Car Story

Our last post spoke about the transition of a bachelor into a married man, this time it is about a change in view point which comes to a married man’s mind. Men love cars, especially the V8’s, V6’s, the gas guzzling fast ones and the funky styled ones and they hate the slow moving ones without doubt. There are people who forget their girlfriends after looking at a good car passing by, such is the love for the 4 wheeled machine. The same person gets married and starts his next chapter. The fast life and increasing cost of living, even if two people earn, it is not enough for a easy luxurious life. The whole life moves forward based on priorities and available cash flow. Well, I didn’t mean to speak accountancy here, Just wanted to prove a point :p
So a man (refer to above para) who loves cars got married to a beautiful girl and they started living together. They enjoyed their little happiness, struggles, fights, traveled to places and partied with friends. After a year or so later, they have to start thinking about their future (After marriage there is another half of Indian Dream) and this one thing triggered a big list of things. One of those, a Car, not a big deal right? Actually you are wrong, the most difficult thing for him, he ain’t in a position to buy a dream car or a car which is at least fast with good number of horses under the hood and even if sacrifices speed for a small budget second hand jeep, that is not the right family vehicle. These things were out of the list when they (he & she) discussed the possibilities.
Months passed by , but no car. He is confused, but the thinking improved and options were pretty clear. He came down to a state where he sacrifices his dreams and love to buy something which is affordable, cheap maintenance cost, good miles / litre, reliable and a decent car for a small family. Now this can be viewed from different angles where the theorem is supposed to prove who is smarter or who won based on the thinking change.
1) The 90 Degree – She was smart and intelligent enough to convince him about why he should buy a small car.
3) The 180 Degree – He planned not to spend much on a car.
4) The 360 Degree – He ain’t buying a car.
Now, you can discuss on above 3 options and the lines written above these options, contemplate and conclude the theorem, but the thing is he planned for option 2, well option 2 is not in the above options.
2) No Geometry please, Let us be smart – Buy a car which costs reasonable but which can be driven by both. A car with Automatic shift or a car without clutch.
I personally feel Option 2)  is the best because every one who drives a four wheeler finds it difficult/hates the clutch and accelerator part on a incline, girls also find this difficult. For driving in cities and heavy traffic, automatic shift or clutch less cars are good for girls. Now why am I stressing on this point and the example of buying a car? Go to the first paragraph and there you can see the CAR word seen multiple times. Every single guy dreams of a fast bike / car or both, some do chase their dreams while others may not be able to do the same because of reasons. Now, the Option 2 chosen by a guy introduces in first para, ain’t that a bit cliche? Apparently not, that is where I say Man becomes Husband, he starts taking decisions based on mutual consent and with the “WE” factor not the “X” factor.
Man becomes a Husband - The Car Story
Man becomes a Husband – The Car Story

We say women adjust, sacrifice and all, we do respect all that. Our sacrifices or adjustments are small, sensible and equally important. 🙂 😀 😛 Marriage is a bond where a man and woman decides to sacrifice the “I” to adopt “US” and small and big sacrifices are part and parcel of this life, infact the understanding part covers it all. When a Man becomes Husband, there will be less noise, more life.
Dedicating this to all husbands out there: Guys, WE ROCK \m/

18 thoughts on “Man becomes a Husband – The Car Story

  1. awwww! yes yes yes…The “we” factor is imp than the “X” factor.
    Your posts are so cool! I agree women make sacrifices but,men make them too & are not appreciated that much!
    the decisions are always taken keeping me in mind! 🙂

  2. Very very interesting post, I agree women make sacrifices but,men make them too & are not appreciated that much! Great post honey <3 Kisses <3

  3. Lovely post dear…I always enjoy reading your posts and this one is no exception….men do make sacrifices thx for making me realise this…:-)

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