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Kinari Bazar – Budget Shopping Heaven

It’s been long since I wrote about a market for you guys.  The other day I went to Kinari bazar with my Wedding Card designer Bhabhi!  She needed some embellishments to buy for her upcoming assignment. And I decided to go there with her.  There is not much written about this place except  for a few posts here and there.  So here’s a detailed post on what you will get there and how to reach there. It is super difficult and scary to take out your phone/camera and click pictures in those tiny overcrowded lanes. To top it all I went on the Holi wala Saturday so schools kids were throwing water balloons here and there. But again I managed a few with my Phone. Thanks to S4 and its cam Quality 😛

What can you buy there?

  • Laces

For those who have a knack of designing their own trousseau dresses you are in lace heaven. Vast collection, Prices start from as low as 50 Rs a meter to up to you. There were people from Bombay shopping in bulk on one of the shops!  All the fashion designers and upcoming designers find their laces here in Kinari Bazaar I feel. I met a few people and their assistants too. Imagine a Chinese lady buying I don’t know how many samples. There has got to be something great about this place 😛

Kinari Bazaar

  • Trousseau packing material

 Though your wedding planner is going to suggest you millions different trousseau packing places the price factor is definitely important. I told you about one in Khan Market  in my previous posts. Will come up with more in coming time. But this is the place if you want to buy cheap and gorgeous looking packing material. Ring trays, big decorative baskets, Trays for clothes, dry fruit boxes, Buckets for dry fruits and beautifully decorated everything. You can get them to customize also if you buy in big quantities. We had to buy around 600 trays so they gave us a discount also. So this is the place to go if you want to buy cheap but designer packing materials.

Kinari Bazar
Dry fruit trays Ranging from 500 to 3000 INR
  •   Gift wrapping stuff

Including gift wrapping material and cute potlis for  dryfruits/goldcoins etc you get a lot of embellishments for your baby announcement cards and packing materials too.

Kinari Bazar
Huge varieties of stuff. The one on the right is for gifting the in laws and first card distribution.
  • Latkans

I have never seen so many latkans (The one you put at the end of the threads of your dupattas, Cholis and Lehengas) in one place. So If you don’t like what your designer gives you , Get you favorite one here in Kinari bazar.   Again If you have the time and patience along with the creativity visit Kinari and design your own suits for smaller functions!

  • Suits necklines

They have these huge collection of necklines (Pre made) in embroideries and zardosi and sequins and what not. You can just buy them and ask your tailor to stitch a blouse or kurta or even a heavy suit. It’s all upto your level of patience and creativity.

  • Everything bling! 

Name the thing and some embellishments you will get it. Decorative patches and work patches . You name it. Gotapattis and swarvoski bead lazed stuff. You get it all! 

Kinari Bazar
Little bling here and there!
Price range from 50 to 500 INR!

How to get there?

 Park your car in the red fort parking and go to the Kinari bazar entry in a rikhshaw., 20 or 30 rs depending on the rikshawala .  Remaining you have to walk as the lanes are very narrow. Otherwise pick up the metro map! I am really not sure which one goes there!

Theknotstory tip for visiting the Kinari bazar :

 1)      Bargain, Bargain, Bargain

2)      The lanes are crowded and very narrow. So be careful with your bags and wallets  and wallet chors 😀

3)      Again Since the lanes are very narrow and almost the whole of Delhi is walking here walk carefully. Look right left up down!

4)      Have fun shopping.

 As Always If you picked up something from Kinari Bazar recently let me know in the comments! Also read other posts on Delhi 6 shopping here.

27 thoughts on “Kinari Bazar – Budget Shopping Heaven

  1. have recently picked up a few laces for some plain sarees…but in ahmedabad…..i love such places…..make u feel that these designers cost a bomb for an outfit you can easily make using these embellishments!

  2. This is a great post. I love visiting such markets. One such market in Kolkata is the ” old” market in new market-Esplanede. The mother of all shopping destinations. 🙂

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