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From Being Guy to the Husband

Every guy has to move out of bachelor life and embrace the holy knot to enter a committed life of marriage. For every single guy out there, transforming from a single free spirited one to committed guy is not so easy. From being a guy to the husband,Β there are a lot of things to be taken care of for a smooth start and the life henceforth.
The very first step starts from the day you say yes to a lady and decide to accept her as your life time partner. Once this commitment is made, there are certain things to be taken care of starting from habits, decisions to be taken after discussions, planning etc. The Cellular Era begins here. This is the period where the guy and girl have maximum conversations and for an arranged marriage, time to know each other better. Talking, meeting, spending time together, shopping, and planning for the honeymoon and what not. Here relationships become strong and the initial phase of understanding begins.
After courtship period, marriage happens. Before this, the wedding planning should be done after mutual discussions between bride to be & the groom to be. Best example for beginners is color of the clothes worn during wedding day. This if planned between the guy & girl before buying, is awesome on the wedding day, especially when bride and groom are on the stage. These may sound not so important in the guy’s head, but getting used to little decisions like this will help you ensure fewer complications due to communication gap. Marriage is a day affair, but life starts from there.
It is always good to talk to your girl about how and where you want to settle down. This answer triggers the important phase of life which is settling down. This starts with renting / buying a house, dΓ©cor, furniture,home essentials etc. The best way to tackle these is to discuss, if possible go together and let her decide. These are some simple things which can actually make a big impact on life. This makes your girl feel special and the feeling of family life starts here.

From Being Guy to the Husband
From Being Guy to the Husband

Men may be strong, able, smart, good looking etc., but for a Man to become a Husband, the first step is to accept and understand the importance of taking decisions after mutual consent or say the initialization of Understanding. Life is never easy, nor too difficult too. Life is full of ups and downs like a roller coaster and a good family the experience will be enjoyed by both and not by one.
People ask for formula’s for a smooth life, it starts in the first para of this post followed by the next and so on..We are sure after reading this post, you all will ensure that married life ain’t all that bad. They say Be a Man, we say Be a Husband πŸ™‚

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  1. Awww, so cute!
    So nicely written, it was like i started picturing our days!
    I mean my days with my husband…lol!
    Planning and the right decision is the key to have a happy future! Though, m sure there are lot many points too! πŸ™‚

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