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Buying Smartphone – Basic Requirements

Buying a smart phone is easy, but buying the right phone is never easy. The first name which comes when we hear about smart phone is Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc.  When it comes to buying the best smartphone, if we can shell out anything from 25000INR to 50000INR, you will get good phones. But is there a good smartphone which is under 15k from the above makers? Apparently there are some options.
Base requirements you should look out while buying a Smart Phone:
1) Looks – Definitely, should not be ugly or awkward. Size, shape etc.
2) Internal Memory – Phone should be having Internal Memory of at least 8Gb.  Be it Android, windows or Apple, the operating system uses at least 2GB of space. Once you start installing applications, then the internal memory start t0 shrink. For example, a phone with 4gb, you will not be able to install much applications and in case if you install and fill the 4GB, your phone will be dead slow.
3) Battery Backup – Battery backup of atleast a day in 3G. People, who use smart phone surf Facebook, twitter, check emails etc using phone and surfing net eats up battery. Some smart phones have battery backup of at least a day on 3G (fully charged).
4) Ram – At least 512MB (windows) & Android 1Gb. Windows phone run perfectly on 512MB (other than some games), Android phone runs well, if it is having 1GB Ram atleast.
5) Processor – 1GHZ or above. This is sufficient for running most of the applications.
6) SD Card Slot – Good if there is an option for External Memory, If not prefer 16GB Internal Memory.
7) Display & Touch – IPS, corning gorilla glass (scratch resistant) etc are some good options in screen. Touch Screen should be good and sensitive
8) Camera – A decent camera of 5Mp at least. If the phone price is above 10k, Flash also needed.
9)  WIFI / GPRS  – Ability to connect to Wifi and 3G will ensure high speed internet.
10) Price – Value for Money – This depends on the above features and more.
Phones with the above configurations are supposed to be the best buy considering the capabilities & their cost and other factors. The phones which come with these configurations may not be equivalent to their high end models, but considering the price range, but using these, you will be able to perform almost everything which you perform using a high end phone.

Buying Smartphone
Buying Smartphone

My suggestions for a Sub 15K phone
For Android Fans –
Moto G (16GB) 1 GB RAM -Price – 14000
Moto G (8GB) 1 GB RAM –  12500
Nokia Lumia 525 (8GB), 1GB RAM – 10,380
Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (8GB), 1 GB RAM -14345
Samsung Galaxy Core (8Gb), 1 GB RAM – 12299
Sony Xperia L (8GB), 1 GB RAM – 14410
Buying Smartphone
Buying Smartphone

Reference –
For reviews –
Disclaimer – Prices may vary depending on shop/site to shop/site.

12 thoughts on “Buying Smartphone – Basic Requirements

  1. Its so funny… I was planning of buying a new phone this week! I am looking for a android platform, sturdy body, 13 MP primary cam[blogger needs].
    I was confused between LG optimus G e795 , LG G Pro and Nuxus 5.
    Nexus 5, I have heard is very fragile, so moslt I will be buying LG optimus!

  2. I will bookmark this post as I don’t have any smart phone currently but I’m planning on it so this post will come handy then 😀

  3. Excellent tips compiled here hun! I have been disappointed with my last 2 phones….The next time I plan to buy one ..I will definitely come back to this post 🙂

  4. You are always welcome. Buying a phone is easy, buying the right phone is the trick.. Hope you get one 🙂

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