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Scenario 1:  Imagine getting your perfect wedding outfit and not being able to find that one perfect embellishment or accessory that completes it ? or finding that perfect coin box to give stuff to your guests? Or your trousseau add-ons are still missing! I would suffer a panic attack.
Scenario 2: You can order all these pending items online from a huge collection without having to stress over getting tanned in the sun or ruining your beauty sleep or getting stressed. These arrive right at your doorstep! *Happy dance*
The online wedding shopping destination 😀

This is being made possible by this amazing website .They have this unique collection of trousseau essentials that you can order online. We love the fact that they have the very basic essentials like the mauli roll, kangna, mukuts, torans and the kaleeras. So if you have a destination wedding planned and don’t wanna travel with delicate essentials like these just order online to your destination. How cool is that!! All these important things with the easy of online orders 😉 (I am an online shopping junkie when it comes to essentials) I wish this was up in 2011 when i got married. Would have saved so much of effort and stress while travelling to Delhi for the wedding! (ya we ladkiwalas traveled :x) Back to the  post I had a chance to virtually interview  Manisha Agarwal the founder of (interesting name isn’t it ? I loved it too 😀 )! Here’s all you need to know about their website and products.
TKS:  Hi Manisha. A Big hello from team knotstory tell us about ?
Manisha: Hi Rashmi, Its’ a pleasure to attend to your questions. is a one-stop ONLINE shop for virtually all Indian wedding needs. The focus is to save money, time, and efforts by providing and understanding the nitty-gritty’s of a sumptuous Indian wedding, big shopping lists, and all the rush and effort in finding the best Indian wedding stuff.
Band bajega
Manisha Agarwal.

TKS: I love the name of your website! How did you think of such an innovative name?
Manisha: When idea of such a website clicked to me I started scribbling every possible kind of wedding phrase to name it, but I wanted a very basic and witty name which people from all ages can remember and recollect it easily when they wish to shop again.  Bandbajega is a very common to our  classic Indian weddings. Signifies dance and is ambiguous too. 😉 [band toh bajta hi hai after shaadi and then obviously the good meaning behind it]
TKS: hahahah! I must admit I didn’t think of the good meaning at all 😛 So from being masters in fashion technology to wedding accessories too? Tell us what inspired you?
Manisha: Well, I learnt one thing during my academic years that we should recognize the need of people and market. And I just figured out there are rare e-commerce websites which cater to the quintessential Indian wedding items. Working women or those who do not have the reach, desirous of having tiniest thing in their wedding to be embellished, need somebody like us. 😉
TKS: We at team knotstory love weddings, what is your favorite part of Indian weddings?
Manisha: Indian Weddings are full-time 360 degree entertainment and cheer. I just love every part and ritual part of it which makes it extraordinary and unique worldwide.
 TKS: Do you customize the items and do the charges vary after customizing?
Manisha: May be sometimes if customer demands something to be more embellished, bigger or decorated then obviously it adds to the cost and then price too. Ordering in good quantity attracts deals too.  Some things are taken care of at our own workshop too.
TKS: 5 must haves in every bride’s and groom’s trousseau  from
Manisha:  Time to brag. 😉 It’s really hard to choose any 5 as being very honest, all our categories are equally popular. Personally, I love the Envelopes, Kilangis, Jewelry and Kits n Covers.
The amazing collection.

TKS: Name the Bollywood weddings you would like to design for or send bandbajega products to?
Manisha: I am really not into Bollywood stories, who is getting hooked up to whom. But yes someday it would be just too awesome if some Hollywood celebrity comes to me for their wedding.
TKS: We Can’t let you go without knowing when is band bajega happening for you : P 😀
Manisha: Hahhahaha! It already happened to me 2 years back and that’s when bandbajega came to life 🙂
So what are you waiting guys! Visit and shop away! You can still go and shop pretty earrings, bangles and kit covers! You definitely don’t need to get married for those 😀  And as usual do not forget to  comment below 😀

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  1. We sooo needed this kind of ol shopping portal! They have such pretty envelopes too..n All the auspicious threads n evrything under one roof! M surely bookmarking this site..Thanks for sharing hun <3

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