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And they Lived Happily Ever After..

Its Love ka Tadka time people! This month we add tadka to Jay and Jini’s happily ever after! This story starts where we think the story ends for most of us. They are opposites and stand true to the opposites attract theory. Read more to find out how their love story happened and how Jini made the poles meet!
And they happily lived ever after……That’s how I thought all the marriages are until reality bit me! I never understood how I got tangled in a nuptial knot with someone who could never relate to my thoughts. If I like the sun, he likes the moon, if I say left he prefers right,  I love winters he enjoys spring! Phew I think you get it now, that was the level of difference between us 😀 The initial time after marriage, was my crucial period. I expected a Bollywood life and I kind ‘a got an art film life. I started blaming myself for taking a wrong decision. I never understood what went wrong, how and why our fight started and ended. I was so adamant that I shut the doors of my mind and started crying in my own world, I never ever thought of opening the doors of our relationship to perceive the wonderful things happening out there. My ego and confused mind never allowed me to get out of it. I always cribbed about my life.#!#$% 😀

And they Lived Happily Ever After..
And they Lived Happily Ever After..

Nothing changed overnight. Days went by… seasons passed by, slowly I realized that I am missing something in my life just because of my arrogance. I started peeping through the key holes of my closed doors. I saw the rainbows but it was far away and blurred, I had to open the door to have a good look at it. Once when I stepped out of my room I came to know what I’ve missed in these years. All the untold love and those affection were always there and are still there, it was me who has blindfolded myself. 🙂
Eventually I came to know him more, yes he is different.. Expressing affection and using sugar quoted words is not his cup of tea. His way of loving me was by giving me my freedom, by respecting me and by supporting me. Rather than changing him according to my wants I decided to accept him as he is. For some, love cannot be expressed, they keep it safe in their heart, and we need to be smart enough to understand that, then you  could live a  fairly tale that I have been living since 7 years now !! 🙂
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15 thoughts on “And they Lived Happily Ever After..

  1. Beautiful post darling…love is not about sugar coated words only….as you said its all about respecting each other and giving each other space….and understanding takes time to develop…:-)

    1. You are absolutely right! Respect and understanding eachother makes the relationship stronger. 🙂

  2. That’s cute, you really should not live in your own world if you don’t get what you expected and start adjusting with your partner coz you know you have to spend your entire life with him then why not compromise and kill your ego, that’s great you realized that it was you who were not understanding him and accepted it at the right moment, happy married life, may God bless you 🙂

    1. That’s so true! Although killing your ego and adjusting way too much also has a thin line isn’t it ?? Though ego does not have a space in relationship! After all when you get things without expecting, the pleasure is all together different! So better not sulk and embrace life 😀

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