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Amrita Abrol – Recommended MUA Mumbai

I always am on a quest to find the best vendors for you guys in this case girls 😛 (Hey not that I dunno grooms love make up too *don’t judge me*). Today’s post features makeup artist and a fashionista Amrita Abrol. While I was researching some MUA’s I chanced upon her work and man she good at what she does. So I literally pounced on the opportunity to interview her and bring her best work forward for you guys.

Amrita abrol MUA mumbai
Amrita Abrol

Here’s what we talked about : )
TKS:  Tell us something you want our readers to know?
Amrita: After being in Fashion industry for nine years, I started my make-up career at Fat Mu. In just about one year I have established my own signature style in makeup and my experience ranges from doing makeup for celebrities like dream girl Hema Malini, Actress Hrishita Bhatt, Television actress Navina Bole seen on Sab Tv show Gennie aur Juju, Mtv Vj turned actress Rhea Chakraborty just to mention a few. Other than mastering the art of makeup in such a short span, I am also working as a Makeup grooming & Personality  trainer at Whistling woods Film city Goregaon Mumbai . Makeup for bridals, fashion shows, photo shoots, special events, editorials, portfolios are a few areas I specialize in. With my qualifications and accolades, I have always aspired to create a look that is most desired by my client, highlighting their best features.
Makeup by Amrita Abrol
Fashion Shoot with Navina Bole

TKS: That sounds great ! What’s the your favorite thing about your work ?
Amrita:  Makeup is not just a profession, it is passion for me. When I am with my brushes and tools, I want to make every woman feel beautiful with my ability and professional skills. From elegant formal styles to casual beach looks, I want to make each woman look her best. With my existing repertoire of make-up artistry, I ensure that my patron is an eye turner at social gatherings. I can gladly say that my job is better than that of an artist’s, because unlike his, my paintings do come alive!
TKS: That is such a great way to put it Amrita 🙂 Tell us the moment when you realized that being a makeup artist was your thing ?
Amrita: I got started purely for the love of it. When I started doing makeupI quickly realized how much fun it was, Makeup can really change one’s appearance, build confidence, and personal style. It’s amazing the difference little things can make! Pretty soon I decided that I would like to pursue this and take it up as my career, Makeup has helped me bring out my creative side in front of people.
 TKS: Okay next question, Is there anything specific you are keen on working at ?
Amrita: I enjoy Bridal makeup. Transforming my clients into beautiful Brides, for their most awaited day. For a woman, her wedding day happens to be one of the most important days of her life. I believe in treating every bride as special and unique. I am personally available to answer any question or provide any help, offer advice or suggestion the bride may need, even prior to her wedding day. My specialty is clean, feature-enhancing, camera-ready makeup for women of all ages and complexions.
Amrita Abrol
Amrita at what she does best!

TKS: So how many assignments do you work on at a time ?
Amrita: As I like to treat each of my client personally so the maximum I do is  2- 3 assignments a day depending on the duration of each one.
TKS: Okay tell us whats the one thing that adds to the bride’s makeup and makes it different from the other functions?
Amrita: Being an experienced makeup artist, I understand that proper Makeup and styling can totally change the look of a bride on her big day. I work on each bride taking note of her complexion, personality, face  and the client’s personal preference & comfort. It is a combination of various factors.
 TKS: What should one look at in a makeup artist before making the final call ?
Amrita:  There are a couple of things, to begin with,
Professionalism: Most brides assume that everyone who is labelled a makeup artist has talent. What you must consider is the level of professional skill and experience of each individual. A skilled makeup artist is one who can create a look using the most suitable colors and textures appropriate for your skin type and skin tone.
Makeup by Amrita Abrol
Bridal Makeup up by Amrita Abrol

Reliable Skills: When considering a makeup artist, look at their portfolio of real bridal images. It is important that he or she will create a look that complements you. Remember that bridal makeup should always look clean and natural with an understated elegance.
Makeup by Amrita Abrol
Brides by Amrita Abrol

Compatibility: Most importantly, hire someone whose personality and attitude put you at ease. The last thing you need on your wedding day is a difficult makeup artist. During the application process, make sure the look remains within your comfort zone and meets your needs. After all, this is your day to shine, not the artist’s, and you are the one who should feel completely confident and absolutely beautiful.
Makeup by Amrita Abrol
Pre-wedding Makeup By Amrita Abrol

TKS: I am sure this will help all our brides.Also tell us 5 things that you cannot go out of the house without..
Amrita: Moisturizing my skin..use a moisturizer with SPF, Lip gloss, Kajal, Mascara,Well groomed hair.
 TKS: 5 must have makeup products?
Amrita: Concealer (because you can use it where you need it and you can double it up with moisturizer and turn it into a foundation), Mascara (if I had to choose between mascara and eyeliner it’ll always be mascara) Under eye pencil,Neutral lip gloss, Lastly, 1 multi-use product either a bronzer or a lip-cheek stain. A bronzer can be used as eyeshadow and if you mix it with lip gloss you’ll get a bronzy lip glass. Lip-cheek stain is great to use for blush and your lips for color.
TKS: What products do you use for your makeup assignments ?
Amrita: MAC,Makeup Forever, Smashbox, Benefit, Urbandecay and the list continues……
 TKS: Whats better than these high end products 😀 So are you minimalist when it comes to makeup or you love be all glammed up ?
Amrita: My  idea of make-up has always been to enhance and define one’s facial assets. Less is more. My mantra is to stay close to natural and let the skin choose its make and not vice-versa.
 TKS: What are your future prospects?
Amrita: I see myself  having a state of the art studio which will be a one stop makeover hub for all.
 TKS: 2 Makeup tricks you love to play with..
Amrita: Natural base to the skin….makeup no makeup look and Contouring & Highlighting ….as it’s the best way to enhance ones facial assets
 TKS:  Assignments you were extremely proud of ?
Amrita: Makeup for Bollywood’s dream girl Hema Malini and Makeup at India Bridal Week for designer Neeta Lulla’s show.
Amrita Abrol Makeup
Hema Malini
Makeup by : Amrita Abrol

Amrita Abrol Makeup
Neetal Lulla and Rhea
Rhea’s Make up by Amrita Abrol

 TKS: We can’t let you leave without giving our brides some tips..
Amrita:  For the Face Start prepping your skin much before your wedding day: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize daily. Drink lots of water. For the Eyes Brides suffering from dark circles and puffy eyes- get some good sleep, apply aloevera gel  under the eyes or some cucumber juice on a cotton pad and place it over your eyelids every day, for puffy eyes keep a spoon in the refrigerator over night and place it over the puffy areas in the morning or simply rub some ice. For the Lips Moisturize your lips everyday with lip balm, if your skin needs it so do your lips! For the HairBrides having frizzy hair or dry ends can get regular hair spas/protein treatments, power dose specially for colored hair.
 TKS: Last but not the least Do you travel  for makeups or the bride has to come to your studio ?
Amrita: Yes I travel…Offering expert services for destination weddings, to ensure that the bride looks her absolute best, on her big day.
We Like Amrita’s style because she believes in what we believe too “Less is more”! To get in touch with Amrita and book up your appointments you contact her on 09920910877 or mail her at [email protected] Follow her FB page here. For anything else comment below 🙂  Check out more Images below .

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