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Addictive unforgettable Kebabs and more – Barbeque Nation

We had a guest and we wanted him to feel special, Since the foodie that he is, the best place which came to my mind was barbeque Nation. I have been a fan of Barbeque Nation since some years now. I love going there and keep it simple only with the awesome starters 😛
We went to the Barbeque Nation at Connaught place. It was a chilling Saturday and so we reserved in advanced. When we entered the place, they showed us a table near to the entrance but a good location with decent view of the outside weather. The staff welcomed us and gave us the complementary drinks menu. The mocktail was not bad and the beer as usual was awesome 😀 Kingfisher rocks 😉

The addictive kebabs :D - Barbeque Nation
The addictive kebabs 😀 – Barbeque Nation

For a person who is new to this restaurant always get the “zor ka jhatka” the moment they see Barbeque on the table and kebabs in those. I have been to many barbeque nations in different places in India, but this one remains my favorite. Located in the beautiful Connaught Place with a calm ambience and the best scene is you see lot of food on every table and most people busy eating.
The flag was up, coal heating up the barbeque and soon the starters started flowing in the form of kebabs and we became busy hogging them. We are Non-vegetarians and we focused on the same. They served Prawns, fish, chicken kebabs and all were yummy. Then came the veg ones and the paneer one was yummiest. The service was good, the place was clean and the staffs were pleasant. After hogging loads of starters (lots is too less), we decided to give a try on the Main course.
The colorful salad  - Barbeque Nation
The colorful salad s- Barbeque Nation

Main course had decent options in both veg and non-veg.  Starting from Soup to Biryani. But compared to the starters, main course was not that great. For someone who had declared war on Kebabs, main course was a No. They had kept some good desserts also and these are all freshly prepared.
Dessert- in the making!
Dessert- in the making!

I had been to the one in Noida, Saket, Jangpura and Connaught place, other than the ambience the food quality and service remained the same. This is one place where you can go and eat eat eat and the next time you go there you will feel “Oh God, I wanna eat more this time”. The ideal place for lunch, dinner, get together any time of the year.
Very little dessert we had :P -Barbeque Nation
Very little dessert we had 😛 -Barbeque Nation


  • When going there, it is better to book a table in advance.
  • For Lunch, they book table till 12:30pm slot, after that it is Walk-in & most of the time this place is crowded.
  • For Dinner also, better book a table early.
  • There is rate difference based on whether it is a week day or a weekend and also the timing.
  • Incase if you are planning to celebrate Birthday, do let them know and you will be surprised by the way they wish.
  • Never go there in a hurry, go there for a lazy and tummy full food.
  • This place is perfect for long conversations, couple of beers and awesome food. 😀
  • Beautiful food decoration - Barbeque Nation Saket
    Beautiful food decoration – Barbeque Nation Saket

Now, the prices are reasonable and this is a better option than Buffet’s at most of the hotels.
Our Verdict – A must try which becomes a habit soon 🙂 😀

24 thoughts on “Addictive unforgettable Kebabs and more – Barbeque Nation

  1. This is so lovely!
    I love Barbeque Nation and In Bangalore visit them often! But i agree here too the starters are great but the main course is not as amazing as the starters! (at least not in the the branch where i go) 🙂
    But love their food and style!

    1. I too have visited the Indira Nagar one in Bangalore. Love their starters and desserts 😀

  2. i love barbeque nation but truly said…their main course is nothing compared to their starters and desserts……!

  3. Wow that looks an awesome place, I’m sure you and your guest must have lot’s of fun there, it looks amazing.

  4. i agree with you!! I love BBQ nation.. and you know what bowled me over, when I went there on my mom’s bday and asked them to get the cake, they got the cake lit with candles, a group of waiters song happy birthday while she cut the cake and then later they took a snap of our family and printed and framed it and gifted it to my mom while we were leaving 😀 isn’t that cool?

  5. BBQ Nation is a personal favourite of mine too!! The starters are amazing.. and when I am there I generally sit for a long time gorging on them till I remember the rest of the course is left 😀

    1. I also prefer hogging the starters and mostly end up eating them and desserts 😀

  6. Looks delicious! Your guest must’ve felt very special and welcomed by you guys!
    Loved that food decorations!

  7. BBQ Nation is one place I can stay forever ! I just Love it .. The food – The Ambience – The Fun – Its one Awesome Place <3
    They treated me to core on My B'Day last year by playing all of my favorite tracks till I was there 🙂 ^_^ – really sweet of them 🙂

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