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The Wedding Filmer Magic

This one would have to be my favorite post in the vendor series. I have been meaning to do this since a week (I know it goes only on Sundays but still) What took me long to write this? I would often get engrossed in watching the videos again and again rather than writing anything πŸ˜› After the wedding the only thing that keeps a couple still in the wedding mode is hands-down the wedding video and the wedding photo album. And 2013 has been all about candid shots. Finally everyone is accepting the fact that the wedding video is about the bride groom and the close ones and not about how much is eaten at the food stall or the food menu closeups. The wedding video has to be such that it make each and every moment alive in front of your eyes. before I say something you have to watch what makes me weep like a baby and wants me to go n hug maa n paa every single time I watch it. This is entwined by the wedding filmer.

This one below is so much I can relate to in some way or the other. It cracks me up every single time. (Pardon me for saying this again and again but watch it and you will know)

(I am guilty of watching the videos yet again and getting emotional right now too :'()
Hats off to Vishal Punjabi from the wedding filmer , I mean how do you actually manage to make such beautiful memories out of one’s wedding? The fact that one can just weep looking at a wedding video of someone you absolutely don’t know just say’s it all about the magic they create. I get goosebumps every time i watch these videos. And you what the best part is ? I never get tired of watching them! There is so much personal touch to everything in the video. I am surely considering mine getting done from them if they re do things from the raw footage (yet to drop them a mail). If that happens I sure will update you guys about my experience.
Other than that I fall short of words to describe how awesome they are. The videos say everything. I really don’t know how they make what they make, but its sheer magic. If you want to get in touch with them here is where you go. As they say have a fun wedding for a fun video πŸ˜€ They travel upto your wedding location provided you guys make the arrangements for them to travel and sleep! If you have the kind of budget to get your video done from them (Rs. 5,00,000 per day approx depending on your wedding) you must hire the wedding filmer.