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The Love story of Mr. & Mrs. Perfect

This post belongs to our very own love ka tadka page, where we bring  the love story that appeals to us each month 😀
It is commonly seen that people either marry the one whom they love, or love the one whom they marry or worst case, may be best, don’t marry at all. This story is a part of Sneha’s life which falls in the second category. She got married like half of the Indians, or more, get married. Like I always say in India it’s not a marriage of two individuals, but of two families. This month I am putting the love ka tadka to Mithun and Sneha’s twice arranged Shaadi. Read on to know why I said twice 🙂 We wish this beautiful couple a happy and a prosperous married life and totally dote the bride’s jewelry and their love story 😉 hehe.


From Sneha’s pen: 
” Personally, I always found the concept of arranged marriages in India boring and scary. I mean how does one decide to commit his/her life to someone whom you don’t know for sure is a psychopath, chauvinist, weirdo or even a lunatic. It is a short ten minutes meeting where you expect your brain to work like a super computer and analyse and re-analyse whatever little information you get and make up your mind to spend your life with a stranger based on such superficial facts. Phew, such pressure. I got to take some pressure tests too, but for me ultimately all came out to be good and worthwhile.
Mithun (my husband) and I both are Keralites or as my friends say ‘fraud’ malayalees, both of us have been brought up entirely in northern India, mostly Bhopal. Mithun is an IT professional and I am into the education field.   Like all middle class Indian homes, my parents started getting anxious for finding a groom as soon as I completed my masters. It was announced that I am ready (you know those chachis and aunties always know a guy waiting for you :D)
It was those days, when I and my aunt happened to visit a jewelry showroom in Bhopal. As we entered the shop, my eyes instantly fell on a gorgeous lady, with long luscious hair and glowing skin smiling at us. This gorgeous lady, today, happens to be my mother-in-law, was then working with the showroom. It was during the small talk between them, that she told my aunt about her son (Mithun) was of marriageable age. They reached an understanding and my aunt invited her to meet me and my parents which was set after two days. The meeting was very brief. Mithun’s mom and dad spoke to me for a while and showed me Mithun’s pics. His mom asked me to have some of my solo pictures clicked so it could be sent to Mithun. I did as she said. But, fate has it that the pictures never reached Mithun, our horoscopes did not match. The first part of the story ends here. This was three years back.
Life went on, while my parents and relatives never got tired of arranging meeting with prospective grooms. I must say here the ‘arranged’ marriage process can take a toll if you are not among the lucky few, who find the right person early on in the process. I am glad I survived after almost giving up. Anyways, to continue with the story, my parents insisted me to get myself registered on a matrimonial site, which I did. It was here that our paths crossed again. It was his sister who was operating his account who came across my profile by chance and sent me a request, unaware that her parents had met me once. I was surprised to see his picture and instantly replied that I was still interested if the horoscopes can be fixed 🙂

real love story
The engagement!

Long story cut short, this time it all worked and both of us first met on 3rd March 2013. It was the sincerity in his eyes and honesty in his voice that won me over. We had half an hour-long chat during which he did most of the talking, of which I keep complaining till date. We got engaged on 24th March in Bhopal. We had a five month-long courtship which was the duration when we discovered each other better. He used to come down to Bhopal just to meet me. We spent our time going for movies, lunch and dinners. Like every couple, we had our share of misunderstandings too but I am glad that we came out strong, didn’t leave each other’s side and decided to spend our lives together. We got married on 29th August in a traditional Malayalee wedding in Kerela. And since then, I have never been happier to have found my soul mate in Mithun out of all the people in the world. With each passing day our love and bond grows stronger. And as they say the story didn’t END, it has just BEGUN. “
real love story
The wedding stage

real love story
The garlands

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