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Contest 2 – Win a MAC lipstick !

After our first giveaway its time for another one. But its a contest this time (we love change). There are just 2 simple steps you gotta follow and you could win a MAC lip shade!  So hurry up enter and win! Don’t forget to read the rules and regulations before submitting your entries. Keep in mind to be the best, there can only be one winner!
 UPDATE: Since a lotta of you were confused as to what is to be done I have made it a little simpler! All you gotta do is look at the pic below send in your ring pictures or post to to our facebook page and follow the rules.
Rules : *open for Indian citizens only*
1.  STEP 1 and STEP 2 are mandatory. If you guys don’t follow us on any one of these your entry wont be considered.
2.  All entries to be mailed at [email protected] with subject contest followed by your name or you may just post to our fb page. I’ll put up the entries that I love in the contest Facebook album here.
3.  Contest closes as soon as FB likes reach 500. So hurry up 😀
4. The winner is decided by team knotstory and the decisions are Final.
5. The winner will be mailed the details. If there is no reply within 24 hours the prize passes on to the next best entry.
6. I will give a preference to select your shade  😀 (see I am nicer than it looked like from the above points 😛 )
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25 thoughts on “Contest 2 – Win a MAC lipstick !

  1. Hey I’m not getting what’s the contest btw, what we have to do besides following your blog on these 3 platforms 😛 not getting it.

  2. Can I have a bottle of whiskey instead ?
    The Lip thingie doesn’t seem to be much of use to me 😛

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