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Top 9 Relationship Rules for the Guys to Follow

Wednesday on theknotstory is the groom’s day from now on ! Everything we post in the Wednesday is going  to be about the grooms for the grooms to be and for the husbands! So today we decide to enlighten you towards Top 9 Relationship rules for the Guys to Follow . Commit to these and sail through. They say no one can understand women. But believe me when you follow whats written below you don’t need to understand much. It’s going to be all good.
1. Little things matter, so the flowers the chocolates or the first month anniversary card, they are all very important.
2. Saying sorry with a bouquet might sound as cliche as it might be it works wonder to calm down your angry wife/fiancé/girlfriend.
3. Forgetting important dates or moments is almost criminal offence.
4. When in an argument do not make fun of the things they say (I mean you might want to lighten the scene but trust me it is bound to go against you) 
5. An anniversary surprise doesn’t mean saying “I Love you”. You got to go materialistic!
6. Suggestions regarding dresses/shopping are welcome only when asked too.
7. Do not compare your girl to anyone else (not even a celebrity). Women do not like that.
8. Infidelity is not cool
9. Say things that you mean. You might regret later if you make temporary promises, Girls never forget anything you say : D
These relationship rules for the guys to follow are from personal experiences and thorough research. So swear by it to be the man of her dreams 😛 For any of your personal suggestions or experiences don’t forget to write to us at [email protected]