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Monday Wedding – Make it Easy for Guests

Monday is supposed to be doomsday for most working individuals. None of us likes Monday for the fact that we have to go back to work after enjoying two days or laziness/entertainment/parties etc. When it comes to weddings, there is no distinction between any day and hence a Monday Wedding is as good as any day. For a traditional Indian Wedding, the auspicious Muhurth (time) for tying the knot depends on the position of stars and many other things. Hence the wedding day which is decided by an Astrologer may be any day of the week. Be it Monday or Saturday or Friday, all days are good if the Muhurth comes in one of them.

Monday Wedding - Make it Easy for Guests
Monday Wedding – Make it Easy for Guests

Think about a couple who is getting married on a Monday, how do they feel? Do they feel the same Monday madness? Do they feel lazy? Do they feel the bitterness to get up early? No is the answer, Once the decision is taken to live together the dates/day doesn’t matter. The one challenge in this matter is guests availability. Monday being a working day and first day of the week has a high chance of being the day with most meetings and crucial planning. Here are some tips for making a Monday wedding happening.

  • Plan in advance – Plan the marriage well in advance so that the wedding date is known pretty early.
Monday Wedding
Monday Wedding
  • Inform your near & dear – Inform you near and dear ones about the wedding date much in advance so that they can plan well.
  • Arrangements – Decide the venue at a reasonable distance to airport/railway station for ease of people coming from long distance.
  • Transportation – Give the best feasible options for your guests so that they can attend the wedding at a short notice too.
  • Implementation – Communicate with the guests and ensure they are planning in advance to attend the wedding and everything is on the right track.
  • Monday Marriage – If planned well in advance, a Monday morning can also be filled with guests like a wedding on weekend.

Weddings are always a reason to celebrate, be it on any day or month of the year. If planned well in advance, the guests are never going to miss a Monday Wedding.

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