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Married Life – Is it really happening?

A little about Married life, some facts and a bit serious are they. It’s said that marriages happen in heaven, at the same time the after effects of marriage can end up someone’s life in hell/heaven too. This is a fact when it comes to life after marriage in India and when the bride & groom lives with the groom’s family.
Fact 1 – Mr. Love
The to be bride is the daughter for every mother in law, at least until the marriage is over. The very next day, the race begins. The race is just for love, a mother who wants her son to love herself more than anyone, a wife (newly wed bride) who just wants her husband to love her and keep her happy.
Fact 2 – Ego Clash
This is very simple reason behind most of the fights and confusions happening all over the world. Can’t tell one reason for ego, it can be any.
Fact 3 – Not Satisfied with the Bride
Somehow, the bride is not up to their expectations. Reason can be any starting from beauty, caste, money etc.
Below is an infographic which is about why this happens and what happens. This is not a joke or a post aiming to make fun. Personal experiences, seeing lives of people and also based on research.
*Click on the infographic to enlarge the image.

Married Life
Married Life