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In my January Fab Bag

Come the 20th and I know that the my January fab bag is waiting for me at the door 😀 Its the new year, new name and a whole lot of excitement surrounding what new products will the fab bag deliver now 😀 The January Fab Bag like lives up to its name! Fabulous set of products and the new look. Read on .

The January fab bag
In my January fab bag 2014

The new January fab bag:

I don’t like it 🙁 What happened the high quality fabulous looking cute bags with side labels ? I loved them. This is not too bad either but I was spoiled for taste. I hope something better comes up next month! And when I went on to discovering the products I almost forgot I did not like the look and feel of the pouch!

The January fab bag
The whole new fab bag!

The Products:

1.  The naked potion lotion (Lisa Haydon)
These days since I am a going through a go organic (Believe me I ordered the EOS lip balm and sticking to Forrest essential products only) phase, this one suits my need totally. Also its very light on my oily skin (I used it two days in a row) so I am loving it.

The january fab bag
Naked Potion lotion

2.  Nyassa Alphonso Body Butter.
I almost wished this was not a body butter 😛 Its smells yummy and you will totally want mangoes in the kitchen!  The fragrance is absolutely amazing! Perfect to try on in the winters that remain. I wish this came to me last month too. Delhi weather is treating us badly since then and I dared a Shimla trip too.
The january fab  bag
The Alphonso body butter

3. Sally Hansen diamond lip treatment.
Who does’t love lip glosses ? And a little bit of shimmer never hurts! It’s in anyways.  And I got the perfect color for mine. This one is going to be in my must have for quite some time. Had heard good stuff about the brand. Happy to try . I think I will come back to this one.
The January fab bag
Sally Hansen diamond lip treatment.

The Bonus:

4. The Nature’s co Lavender body lotion. 
It’s good to have a bonus product that is like an everyday use thing! Have used this before and this one is sure to sit in my handbag. 

The January fab bag
The nature’s co lavender body lotion

My verdict : It’s a total win win win fab bag!  I absolutely love all the products. They are yummy and Fab! That’s what I am looking to try. My best bag yet! Looking forward to more from the team. Cheers.

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