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DIY for glowing skin – The Bride Center

Once the wedding is fixed the first thing a bride thinks about is shopping and skin care! All she wants is the glow. This is one time a girl will not give the excuses ranging from DIY’s (Do it yourselves) are boring, time taking, I might as well buy a new cream, or its tacky! You ask her to take infinity efforts and the bride to be is ready to do it, no matter how much time and effort she has to put in.
So all the beautiful brides to be here is another DIY for glowing skin as the valentine’s day is coming up and you might wanna go to your date with the fiance with gorgeous glowing skin.
You need : 
1. Yogurt (preferably organic)
Yogurt is rich in protein and lactic acid which not only helps to moisturize your skin but also retains the already present moisture. You can even use home-made yogurt by removing the excess water content. (squeeze out the water in a cloth and you have home-made yogurt for the mask)

DIY for glowing skin
Home made yogurt

2. Honey
I prefer to buy unsweetened organic honey. Honey is rich in amino acids which gives your skin a healthy glow. It leaves your skin supple after moisturizing it well and does not extract its moisture away. Also if you are looking for alphahydroxy acids in your skin care this is a good way to get them for your skin. These help in beating the dead cells of your skin and act as natural exfoliating agents.
DIY for glowing skin
Honey acts as an excellent exfoliator

3. Lemon
The primary  quality of lemon is exfoliation . It is the one of the perfect natural ingredients you could incorporate in your daily beauty regime. Also lemon is a very good anti tanning agents. So it helps in getting rid of the uneven tan/scars on your face.
DIY for glowing skin
Lemon helps you get rid of uneven tan

4. Vitamin E capsules
Vitamin e is known to be very good for skin and has some great anti ageing benefits.  It helps you in getting rid of any scars on your skin and adds to the glow.
DIY for glowing skin
Vit E capsules are easily available

DIY for glowing skin
VIt E capsules help to get the glow to your skin

How to make it : 
Mix 1 spoon yogurt + 1/2 Teaspoon honey + juice if half a lemon. Open two vitamin E capsules and pour the contents inside to the mixture. Stir it until you get a runny consistency.  Your Face Mask is ready!
Application time :
Apply it evenly on face and neck and keep it for 10 mins  and wash it off with lukewarm water. Apply this DIY for glowing skin face mask thrice a week for celebrity like glow on your skin
Thknotstory tip: Dip some cotton eye-pads in potato juice and keep them on your eyes and relax. This will help you in getting rid of any dark circles.
P. S. Tried and tested by me during my own wedding. Works good for oily skin too.

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