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Candid Photographers Mumbai

Visiting old wedding albums is so much fun. Refreshing wedding memories is best done by photographs and videos.  It would be difficult to see yourself in the same pose and do absolutely nothing and see the pictures over and over again. It sure sounds old school, so why do such old schools stuff? You are the 21st century couple, go ahead and hire that candid photographer.  Get awesome bright fun photographs of the wedding. More on it here.  

Candid Photographers Mumbai
Candid photography

Following is the list of few good and upcoming candid photographers Mumbai.

1. Shreya Sen Photography

  Phone: +919920498808 Email:  [email protected]  Website :

2. Mayuresh Patil Photography

 Phone: +918976540289

Email: [email protected]


 3. Into Candid photography (Manasvi & Ketan)

 Phone :  Not Found Email:  [email protected] Website :

4. Neha Brackstone Photography

Phone :  +919819925225 Email: [email protected] Website :

5. Richa Kashelkar

Phone :  Not Found Email: [email protected] Website :

 6. Joseph Radhik Photography

Phone:  Not Found Email: [email protected] Website :    If you know a candid photographer in Mumbai or if you are a photographer and want to be added to our list do write to us at [email protected]  All you lovely couples who want to review the vendors in your wedding and get compensated for or bloggers who want to write guests post can also mail us at the same email id.