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A weekend with family – Adventure & Fun

How to spend the weekend is a question that every family ponders. Answers to it wary, some people like to sit at home, watch television, do some gardening etc. Some others prefer spending the weekend mall hopping/pub hopping. Some people prefer going on long drive. What about some outings and activities which are fun, refreshing and entertaining?
Most of us like to spend weekend with family and that too in the best way. We are suggesting some of the weekends where you need to be active and unleash the kid in you.
Theme Parks, most of us still love theme parks. It is always good to spend a weekend with family in a good theme park. Plan the trip and try to book the tickets early (online). This helps ย in reducing the wait time for tickets. Once you are in the park, you can spend your time enjoying the rides, the shows, lazing around etc. We would suggest, forget your worries and enjoy the max when you are in a theme park. Get on the rides with your family, break free. Have lunch in the noon and leave for home in the evening. These kinds of weekends are relaxing for your mind too.

A Weekend with Family - Outing
A Weekend with Family – Outing

For those who are not interested in theme parks, they can try for adventure sports too. There are places where you can go for rock climbing, rappelling, zorbing etc.
A Weekend with Family - Outing
A Weekend with Family – Outing

If you have a group of people to go with and you love counter strike (the PC game remember? ?), go out and enjoy a game of paint ball. ย This is a game where you will get to play counter strike in real. This definitely is real fun, counting to a perfect weekend with family.
People who like the fast lane can opt for gokarting, Atv Rides, Roller skating etc. These are available in almost all cities now a days and it is fun. ๐Ÿ˜€
A Weekend with Family - Outing
A Weekend with Family – Outing

Last but not the least, Bowling. This has become the most common attraction in any city. A place where you can go with your friends, play a game of bowling and have some fun.
You can even go for a trip in hot air balloons (prefer winters to do this, we sure don’t want you all tanned up). ๐Ÿ™‚
Most of these sports and parks are not much far from the cities we live. You need to find them, plan and go.
Not all weekends are supposed to be spent at malls, you need an ย easy routine :). Enjoy life with your family to the fullest, stay happy.
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