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4 Popular Wedding Flowers

         There is this wedding I attended that happen in may last year, precisely at the ring ceremony I was literally in shocks to see artificial wedding flowers being used (And hell no to your thoughts telling you, that it probably was a budget wedding ! ). Will write more on that in my next post on budget wedding décor and using artificial wedding flowers. In a wedding, the flowers play such an important in the whole décor and add to so much grace. I thought I will do a post on the wedding flowers one should use to its maximum utility for the decoration to stand out and be as graceful as possible.

  1. Rose

We say rose is all about love and feelings. The red rose is widely used in Weddings, expressing love, dating, courtship etc. A Love proposal, friendship beginning, or a sorry cannot go away without using a rose. Also Rose has this very mild fragrance which creates an amazing aura around it. The following pictures show how you could use rose in your wedding décor. one stem of rose ranges from anywhere between Rs 3 to Rs Rs.20 depending on the type of rose you chose to buy!

Rose in indian weddings
Roses used in various decor ideas

2. Chrysanthemums
Usually called as the golden flower Chrysanthemums do not have any scent. So these flowers are the best for the brides and grooms who are allergic to or have a problem with strong fragrance of the flowers in their wedding décor. Also in some traditions these flowers denote love, prosperity and good health! So here are some examples of use of Chrysanthemums in your wedding décor!  One  Chrysanthemums approximately costs about Rs .10 to Rs. 15
Chrysanthemums in Indian weddings
Chrysanthemums used Indian weddings.

3. Orchids
Orchids are by far my favorite flowers, but that does not though give you any reason to put it in your wedding décor! Lol! Various color options available in these flowers. They ooze elegance and style.  Orchids are widely used in garlands of the bride and groom. Also a lot of perfume manufacturing companies use these flowers to extract perfume from it.  1 stem can cost somewhere around Rs. 20
Orchids in Indian weddings
Use of orchid in wedding decor

4. Tulips
Come spring and my favorite flower changes from orchids to tulips. So if your D Day comes around this time of the year you must have tulips in your wedding décor. Tulips are regarded as one of the expensive range of flowers.  There are so many vibrant colors available in tulips, so you can easily choose one as per your outfits or your wedding theme! One stem of Tulip can cost up to Rs. 30 to Rs.150
Tulips at indian weddings

Tulips used in Indian weddings