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I happened to visit and what a wonderful site it indeed is!  It’s very difficult to find gifts for your wife/fiance for guys at times. And gosh the pressure of  getting the perfect gift is always there. So one always looks for that person who could give you the perfect advice for the ideas and tell you store where to get and how to get!  Imagine a scenario where you could just feed in your thoughts to a website and it could give you results and all the options with all the websites available. This is all coming true at (And no this is not a sponsored post.) Gift shopping hassle free with this website. (Shopping for your wedding gift or gifting newly weds is also a task for me at times!)
Here’s what I love about the website. You have a couple of options to choose once you open the home page to find the right gift.

GIveter how to use from
Homepage options to choose from!

Once you enter the options you are redirected to this page. I absolutely love how you can choose from the number of mood options/ Personality type . You can even save the gifts for later or email the gifts shortlisted to yourself to compare. You have a wide range of possibilities here. Once you click on know more the site redirects you to the merchants website where the product is available and you can make a purchase!
Select the Personality type.
Select the Personality type/mood/occasion from varied options including price range search.

What I love :
1. All the websites in one place. So you don’t have to go to each and every website to check your options. All that can happen in one single window.
2. The shortlisting option lets you choose your options from different categories moods and personality types.
3. Varied options from different occasions.
4. Almost all the aspects of gift shopping that come to your mind are covered in the options.
So enjoy gift shopping online without having to be confused by asking people around. Covers multiple options from various websites so you can happily shop and get the ideal gift for your loved one’s without disappointing them. We will make sure we bring you new stuff to your knowledge that will help you in planning the wedding as well as after the wedding 🙂