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We Salute Brave Nirbhaya – A year since the Incident

Its a year since the tragic and cruel crime which destroyed the life of a brave young girl Nirbhaya (alias not real name) has changed after a year also, rape cases still being reported, authorities still reluctant, renown people in society and well educated people still getting involved in these kind of crimes.
There are many rape cases getting reported on a daily basis and many survivors, what made this girl different is her determination to get the culprits behind this to be punished. This was one incident which made common man to come out and protest for their rights. A young girl’s determination and bravery became the reason for people of a nation to unite, fight against the system.
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A revolution which started last year saw people rising to fight for their rights, the most basic one, women’s safety. The end result; all the same. From 16-Dec-2012 to 15-Dec -2013 atleast 1 rape case is filed per day. According to Delhi police data, a total of 1,493 cases of rape were registered in the national capital till November 30 which is more than double the number of cases registered in the same period in 2012. Still no change in people’s mind and no change in authorities attitude.

  • When you see a girl in trouble in a public place, public transport or anywhere, try to help her.
  • Be smart, getting into fight is not a solution, getting help is the best way.
  • Use smartphone and gadgets properly, let your near and dear know where you are.
  • Do not travel alone in lonely places, better use a transportation known to you.
  • Keep Pepper spray or a Swiss knife in your handbag, save yourselves.

This fight changed the outlook of all the people towards injustice. Not only did the govt. setup fast track courts for such cases but also punished those criminals with harsh punishments setting an example for anyone who things they cannot just take the law lightly. So much so that it clearly shows in the recent elections that people are aware and want to change the system to the more sorted and educated individuals. This Fight is still not over nirbhaya, we will fight and make things change is what we take as a pledge. We salute you.

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