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Personalised Wedding Cake Vendors in Mumbai

I have been meaning to start on this section since a very long long time. Procrastination seemed to win every single time! But today I was determined to finish this write-up no matter what! So here’s introducing vendor reviews and vendor guides for all you people out there looking for vendors while Planning your wedding. Everyone likes first hand review and views by real people. We will try to get you the best possible takes an views of all the vendors related to things you need to plan for the wedding.
Today’s post is about top personalised wedding cake vendors in Mumbai.
(P. S. This is Vendor guide and not a review. And the order does not in any manner specify any ranking. The descriptions are taken from their own info provided on the website.)
1. Patisserie uno.
Patisserie Uno is the type of French bakery that specializes in making A-class pastries and sweets. We are a one-of-a-kind bakery that delivers products of high quality and excellence. Patisserie Uno stands for bakery No. 1, and it will be apparent on visiting one of our esteemed branches.
 Wedding cake vendors in Mumbai
2.Theobroma Patisserie Mumbai

Owned and managed by the Messman family, Theobroma is the brainchild of Kainaz, while sister Tina, dad Farokh and mum Kamal are involved in its day to day managment. In a span of just a few years, Theobroma has wons the hearts of many Mumbai-ites!
Wedding cake vendors in Mumbai
3. Le15 Mumbai 
Le15 is Mumbai’s pre-eminent stand-alone pâtisserie with a central kitchen in Lower Parel that doubles as a learning centre with regular classes on the culinary arts. With retail outlets in Worli, close to the sea-face as well as the elegant contemporary home store, Good Earth in the Lower Parel area, Le15 ensures each pastry is stored in an ideal condition to maintain the quality of the immaculate dessert.
Wedding cake vendors in Mumbai

4. Tart 

Tart offers a variety of products ranging from cakes, cupcakes, cookies and even pastries and breads. Tart believes in delicious and beautiful products, which are made fresh everyday. What sets Tart apart is that they use only the best ingredients available in each of their desserts. Their chocolate is of the highest quality and this gives Tart’s products a superior taste, unmatched by most others.
WEdding cake vendors in Mymbai
Also If you think you know a vendor that could match up to the list don’t hesitate to write to us at [email protected] . And if you are a vendor and would like us to add you to the list also write to us at the same email id!