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Latest Engagement Rings 2013

If I were to get married again and then host an engagement ceremony like right now in November 2013 I would definitely change few things about my wedding! Amongst that the first thing I would change is my engagement ring design!! It wasn’t really chosen by me or my fiancé now husband  (long story cut short I would like to change this for sure and get a ring that I actually like and would be able to wear everyday!). Also I am really very big on the whole buying good and big things so solitaire it is for me.Here are some of my favorites from the latest engagement rings that I would kill for to get my hand on :P:P (Husband dear should take an hint from this and get me one of these 😀 ) And add to the list the colored engagement ring designs that have been added to the trend alerts.  And with all my insightful posts about choosing the engagement ring wisely here and here you guys should be able to choose your stuff wisely! Rest assured this post is a real treat for all the to be engaged ladies out there. (Their fiances might be real mad at me :P:P )
P.S. Just click on the circles to enlarge the picture!